Weaves vs Wigs: Which is Better for You?

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Weaves vs Wigs: Which is Better for You?
Weaves vs Wigs: Which is Better for You?

When it comes to the great wigs vs weaves face-off, you already know that I am biased. I love wigs and for this reason, they are my go-to everyday hairstyle.

My love for wigs has seen me invest in different styles, colours and lengths that go with my many different moods and occasions. Seriously, guys, I have an awesome collection.

The greatest debate since the dawn of time in the hair industry has been which is better: weaves or wigs? And sides have been taken with both claiming their side is better.

Even so, it’s simple and clear to see that they (weaves and wigs) both would have their advantages and disadvantages.

In this article, we look at the advantages each has and at the end you can choose a side or what works best for you.


As I already mentioned wigs are my favourite type of hairstyle. This is because I have a very small head and thin hair.

One major reason why I prefer wigs is that they offer infinite style options and looks. This is because you are not stuck with the same style and look as it is with when you have a weave installed.

Another advantage of buying a wig is the convenience and flexibility of being able to take them on and off as you go throughout your weeks and months. 

Now granted, if you have the minutes or the hours available to flat iron, curl, and style your weave you can get a LOT of different looks out of them. I personally don’t have the time so I get mine styled by my wig stylist, Collins.

Wigs also have a longer life span and therefore, offer cost-effectiveness. If you properly maintain a wig, it will last a very long time. In different words, it saves you a lot money to buy a new one.

Wigs also help to maintain your natural hair underneath and allow your scalp to breathe. They can deal with the long-term commitment of a weave! Also, they’re easy to care for and maintain.


Women who prefer weaves over wigs say they feel more secure with weaves on. No one wants a false sense of security in their life.

When you have a sew-in, you can wake up and go, who wouldn’t love that feeling? No more waking up early to brush out or gel up your curls, no more having to search for that hairpiece when you are ready to dip on out of the house.

Weaves also help to make hair longer, increase the thickness and volume while at the same time skipping out on the use of chemicals and glue.

Which One is Better for You

The decision on whether to select hair weave or wig relies on your condition and choice.

In the end, I’ll leave it to your fine judgment. Long story short, wigs and hair weaves have their share of advantages and disadvantages. It actually depends on the users as per their needs.

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