Gym Checklist: Workout Clothes You Have to Have

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Gym Checklist: Workout Clothes You Have to Have

You’ve made the life-changing decision to start your fitness journey. Kudos. You have even joined a gym. Go, girl! But, do you have the right workout clothes for the gym?

Like all other places, the gym or any other place you choose to workout requires you to have on the right attire.

Therefore, to get the most out of a gym membership or even a normal workout session, a comfortable set of workout clothes and shoes should be at the top of your list.

While gym wear should comprise items that are comfortable, who says that you can’t bring a little bit of fashion to the gym?

Unlike back in the days, sportswear has now become a fashion statement in its own right.

Research even shows that women are more inclined to begin their exercise regime once they have the perfect workout wardrobe.

With that in mind, here’s a rundown of all the workout essentials you have to have to get for a perfect workout session:

Sports Bras

The biggest mistake you can ever do is going to the gym with a normal bra.

A workout session involves a lot of physical activity. This means your breasts will experience a lot of impact and movement.

Therefore, going to the gym in a normal bra can cause damage to breast tissue and even cause sagging to your skin in the long run.

A good sports bra will help with supporting your breasts and minimize movement of your breasts during high impact exercises. So, invest in a few pieces of comfortable sports bras.

Yoga/Running Pants

When working out, your legs need to be flexible because a lot of exercises require you to move your legs. This is why yoga pants are one of the most important gym workout wears you should invest in.

Yoga pants or running pants are extremely elastic and thereby provide comfort which is ideal for workouts.

Additionally, running pants have breathable materials which allow sweat to evaporate more quickly during high impact exercises.


Wearing the right shoes can make your workout session worthwhile and less gruesome.

When choosing workout shoes, choose different trainers for each workout.

Wearing normal sports shoes for a high-intensity workout will result in injury.

Cardio exercises and running, for example, require that you have lightweight trainers. This is because lightweight trainers are designed to cushion your feet, and feel slightly lighter than daily trainers.


Sweatbands come in handy during those sweaty workout sessions at the gym or even when exercising outdoors.

They are my go-to gym workout wear alternative to using towels.

Sweatbands offer a quick solution to preventing the spread of sweat by absorbing it straight from the skin.

Insulating jackets

These come in handy when you want to take your workout outdoors from the gym because they offer warmth during cold seasons. They are lightweight, durable and water-resistant.

For some, wearing jackets indoors generates more sweat, and effectively, a higher weight loss.

You can also use hoodies. Their thick, fleece materials will provide you with the results you crave while looking ultra-stylish too.

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