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Choosing The Right Swimwear For My Body Type

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When we go swimming, we want to be at our most comfortable. You could be at an indoor pool or at the ocean – either place, the type of swimwear you choose will affect your confidence levels. If you choose the right swimwear for your body type, you will feel flattered and confident but if you choose the wrong one, you might be forced to remain on the sitting area, all covered up while people are having fun in the pool. Remember that swimming offers full-body workout and it is the most effective exercise for weight loss.

Get the right swimwear for your body type

Pear shape

If you have a smaller bust but with curvier hips and thighs, you will need a swimsuit that balances your proportions and offers enough coverage for your larger bottom area.

Go for bottoms that are skirted to cover up your thighs. A deep plunging neckline and top draws that are eye-catching will attract attention to the top part of your body hence minimizing the eyes that go to the bottom.  

Small bust

If you have an A or B cup size, you will need to find swimwear tops that are a little dramatic. Such embellished detailing like bows and patterns create an illusion of a larger bust.

Triangle tops and bold prints create curvy illusions. You can also go for padded push-up bra tops and halters to create a cleavage. Tiny scoop tops also go well with a small bust. Embrace them.  

Do not be afraid to try out bold colours

Large bust

If you are well endowed in the bust area, it important to look out for swimwear tops that provide the best support. Check out for tops with underwire or molded cups.

Avoid tops with embellishments that will make your bust look bigger.

Tops with adjustable straps and high backs are great for providing maximum support to the girls.


If you are an athletic woman, go for swimsuits with bold prints that will create the illusion of a curvier silhouette.

Go for monokinis or one pieces with strategic cutouts that create fabulous curves.

Athletic woman in swimwear

Tummy concealing

Most women say they cannot wear swimwear because most of their weight is in their tummy areas. I, however, tell them that they can still rock awesome swimwear that helps to conceal their tummies.

Find bottoms that have gathers as they help to hide bulges and they create an illusion of a smaller waist.

A high-waisted suit will also work the magic when trying to conceal the tummy.

Plus size women can also rocks swimwear comfortably


Curvy women with proportional bust and hips/thighs can wear asymmetrical suits that will draw attention to one’s neck and collarbones.

Colour blocking can also work to the favour of curvy women when choosing the right swimwear for their body type.

Whatever your body shape, you can still find the body suit that suits you well.

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