How to Style DreadLocks Professionally

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How to Style Dreadlocks Professionally
How to Style Dreadlocks Professionally

Gone are the days when dreadlocks were not considered a professional style and you couldn’t wear them to the office.

We have evolved so much as a society because nowadays, both men and women can now wear dreads professionally.

Even with the evolution of acceptable hairstyles at the workplace, it’s important to keep a few things at the back of your mind when you decide to sport dreadlocks.

Here are some suggestions you should consider when styling dreadlocks for a professional look:

Fancy Pony

When you have long dreads that can get in your face, it’s recommended holding them back in a ponytail for a professional look.

With your locs pulled back, you appear to be more groomed because this style shows your face and gives you a clean, fresh look.

You can spin off the plain ponytail with some detail at the front for a classy and lively look.

Cute Bun

This work friendly dreadlocks style can be used to compliment the fancy ponytail style.

A twisted bun helps to keep the weight of your locs off your shoulders. It also helps prevent straining your hairline by keeping your dreadlocks intact without too much movement.

Cornrow Dreadlocks

Cornrows are extremely neat and tidy when done on hair for professional women.

The same can be done on dreadlocks. For a professional dreadlock style, you can plait your locs in rows, using this style and leaving the ends undone.

This style is neat and fabulous because the scalp is visible in between the ‘rows’ and it looks unusually striking. It’s also a cool twist on the undercut style

Subtle Colouring

When colouring your dreadlocks, its always important to choose subtle colours that are appropriate for the office.

Outrageous colours such as bright pinks, reds, green should be left for creatives. Other colours closer to your skin tone such as brown can be used lightly. However, black is the most preferred colour for professionals who have dreadlocks, as is with any other hair style.

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