How to Style A Leather Skirt

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Did you buy a leather skirt and it has been lying in your closet because you have not found a way to style it or have you been eyeing it in a stall in town but you have not gathered enough strength to purchase it simply because you do not know how you will rock it? Well, I am here to show you the different ways to rock and style a leather skirt. I hope it inspires you to go get one or wear the one that has been sitting still in your closet.

  • Saturday Brunch with the girls

I paired my thigh length slit black leather skirt with a red-hot sweater top with black high heels. This look screams hot and playful at the same time. Let me know how you would pull of this look.

  • White tee + Short skirt and sneakers or ankle boots

My daughter gave the leather skirt a twist on her birthday. This goes well with the younger generation. When in doubt about showing too much leg, throw on some leggings

  • Denim on leather

I know you’re wondering “What the heck?” Well, this is actually a look. Just see how this babe rocked it below. Alternatively, you can style your leather skirt with a white tank top and a denim coat.

Source: Pinterest
  • Leather on boots

Thigh high boots can go well with a short leather skirt to give you that fierce look. This combination can be worn on a girls’ night out.

  • Retro office look

Your leather skirt can be paired with a sweater and an oversized coat for that office look. The good thing with leather skirts is that they come in many colours, lengths and sizes. For this reason, they can be paired with almost anything but you have to be careful when it comes to layering.

  • Bold and beautiful

Plus size curvy women have also not been left out in our leather skirt trend. They, too, can rock like this gorgeous woman.

Source: Pinterest

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