Five Cleaning Products I Cannot Live Without

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Some of the disinfectants I use in my home

Cleaning is my safe place. When I am stressed out, I clean. When I am happy, I clean. I am always cleaning and sanitizing things and surfaces in my home. Not that I am obsessed with cleaning but I believe it is the best way to de-clutter my home and mind. After I am done cleaning, I look around and pat myself in the back. Over the years, I have noticed that there are constants in my cleaning routine. New products have come and gone but here are my top cleaning products I cannot live without.

  • JIK

I am that mom, you guys – the bleaching mom. You already know it is not my skin we are talking about because I am proud of it and would not change it for the world. But as for my white shirts, Shawn’s white socks and the girls’ white rubbers, JIK is a must.

I especially like the lemon flavoured one as it gives me that fresh smell after I have cleaned countertops or Mike’s dress shirts.

There is also JIK colours

I have seen other bleach brands in the market but I will stick with my JIK 101.

  • Pride dishwasher

This brand comes in either a paste or liquid soap. I must have both of them in my kitchen. It wipes those greases clean, leaving my dishes sparkling and as good as new.

Nothing can exasperate you like oily dishes and a soap that just won’t cut it. Ever been in a situation where you had to use hot water but the soap still would not lather? I feel you because I have been there too. Pride dishwashing soap has come to my rescue and my nannies love it too.

What is your favorite dishwashing soap?
  • Powder detergent

OMO is my preferred powder detergent. You can say I am that traditional babe and I sure watched that “OMO pick a box” show. Yeah, I know, I’m an oldie but OMO is a must have cleaning product in my home.

The lathering, how well it cleans and removes stubborn stains as well as how fresh my clothes are, just give me more reasons to keep buying this product.

It is also gentle on my hands as I make sure I apply jelly afterwards.

  • Menengai Bar Soap

This cleaning product is an absolute life-saver. The cream bar is especially my favourite. It has changed cleaning for me.

It lathers well even with hard water, removes tough stains and also gentle on my hands. It is also long lasting making it affordable.

Menengai bar soap comes in different sizes
  • Dettol

I put a drop of the antiseptic disinfectant in the water I use to clean surfaces or Shawn’s knee or elbow after he has bruised himself playing outside. You know boys will always be boys.

I also use other Dettol products like the bathing soap, wipes and sanitizer and this makes it a household cleaning product that I cannot live without.

Image Courtesy: Dettol.com

Do you have a cleaning regimen for your home or do you clean as you go? I’d like to hear about them as well as those household products you swear by.

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