Love during Lockdown: How have relationships been affected?

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“I cannot believe I have to deal with my partner for another day” said one woman. “I am so done with his nagging and constant disturbance. I cannot wait for him to start going to work. I am tired!” These are the words or thoughts for most men and women now during the lockdown and quarantine period. The fact that most offices are closed and that people have to work from home is putting strain on many relationships during lockdown.

Communication breakdown may cause difficulties in long distance relationships

People are realizing traits about their significant others that they did not know existed. Being together 24/7 during the lockdown has brought irreconcilable differences and conflicts within some couples leading to potential breakups and divorce. For some, being quarantined with their partners has made them grow closer together and deepened their bond and they hope to get married or renew their vows.

Well, there are also couples that were caught up in different towns or worse still, locked down in different parts of the world. Say you had traveled for a business trip and were unable to travel back before cessation of movement was imposed. Relatively young relationships have been the hardest hit by the distance and only time will tell if they will catch the wave and surf or miss it and drown.

The fate of many relationships hangs in the balance and below are factors that will determine whether these relationships thrive or nose dive.

  • Communication

Whether you are together or apart, it is how you communicate during these unusual times that will dictate how the relationship progresses. As a couple, come up with a communication routine that sits well with both parties. It should also be regular and you get to talk about your feelings and needs.

Do away with such phrases as We need to talk as it brings unnecessary tension. Instead, tell you partner that there is something you would like to discuss with his or her or you needed their input on a certain topic. The “We need to talk” approach causes an individual to start getting defensive or plotting an escape route even before finding out what the talk is about.

  • Routine

Whether together or apart, set a routine for important activities together. It could be a video call if you are not together or time for a workout when you are locked down together. A routine gives structure to a relationship. It gives you and your partner something to look forward to.

The routine activities will act as ways for bonding.

If you and your partner have been affected by the distance and you feel as though weight has been lifted off your shoulders thanks to the distance, or you feel your partner is “too far away” to understand, maybe these are signs to end things.

Distance can either work for or against a relationship

An imbalance may occur if one partner feels the need to further advance the relationship by living together full-time while the other party is still unsure and would like to take things slow. This difference may cause a glitch in the relationship during lockdown.

At the end of the day, relationships, marriages included, will only thrive during the lockdown if both parties are willing to be open and honest with each other. It may get uncomfortable but it saves you both from a lot of heartache in the future.

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