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5 Ways to Rock Your Pregnancy Fabulously

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Pregnancy. It is magical. Imagine a whole human or two or three or more growing inside of you? Isn’t that just a miracle in itself? The question of style and fashion is often thrown out the window but I am here to remind you that there are still ways to rock your pregnancy fabulously.

There are different ways to rock your pregnancy

Well, pregnancy can also come with its fair share of downs. Somedays, especially in the first trimester, all you want to do is lie in bed. Showering or the desire to look good is nonexistent. Good thing is that during these first few months, your pregnancy is not already showing and you are probably still rocking your normal clothes.

The good thing with the second trimester is that in most cases, the nausea and morning sickness are gone, you have more energy and you can feed better because your appetite is back. Your pregnancy is also showing at this point and your everyday clothes are a little too snug for your comfort. It is time to start dressing in those maternity outfits.

In my opinion, as a fashionable stepmum, maternity clothes do not have to be boring or baggy. Here are 5 ways to be both stylish and comfortable as you carry your pregnancy with grace.

  • Get a good bra

I know – you want to ditch the bra all together because things are getting a little too tight over here – Do not do that.

Invest in a good bra that is comfortable because breasts enlarge during pregnancy. A good bra will also be instrumental in how the clothes will lay over your changing body.

You can also get nursing bras when you are still pregnant as they are both comfortable and they will come in handy when breastfeeding – kill those two birds with one stone. Also, remember to get the right bra size.

  • Ditch the layers

It is true that less is more. Just because you are preggers does not mean you have to drape yourself in bulky, oversized clothing.

Embrace your new belly by hugging those curves. A body con dress, a cute leather jacket and flats will do for an office look and enable you to rock your pregnancy fabulously.

Less is more
  • Support is important

As your belly grows, make sure you get clothing that offer the best support. These include maternity pants or leggings with wide bands as well as a good fabric that will not irritate your skin.

Vests, tank tops and t-shirts that are stretchy and offer good support can also be invested in.

Sweater tops are also great during pregnancy.

  • Embrace colours and stripes

Rock your pregnancy fabulously by wearing clothing with bold colours and patterns. Get an animal print or floral dress. If you love colour pop, go for it.

When it comes to pregnancy, it is really more about how well it fits as opposed to the colour or print.

  • In doubt? A dress and sneakers will do

Some days you wake up, take a shower and then stare at your wardrobe wondering what to wear. On such days, a simple dress and rubbers will do. Make sure you have converse, Bata ngoma or any other sneakers for such days.

Well, even through you might be feeling like a whale, you do not have to look like one. Pregnancy is beautiful and magical and you should rock it fabulously.

You can check out more pregnancy fashion on Pinterest for style inspiration.

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