5 Unnecessary Things to Kick Out of Your Family Budget

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Things to Kick Out of Your Family Budget
Unnecessary Things to Kick Out of Your Family Budget

If there was ever a time in your life when you needed to kick some unnecessary things out of your family budget, now is the time.

With the Coronavirus pandemic upon us, most of us have either lost our sources of income or had to deal with paychecks. Even so, expenses have not gone down or stopped.

In fact, the pandemic has made life harder than usual. Kids are home meaning more expenses. Additionally, the need to spend more on hygiene products such as soaps, face masks, cleaning products and hand sanitizers has grown tremendously.

With all these things factored in, kicking some unnecessary things out of your budget at home is more than necessary.

Here are some things you should consider kicking out or cutting back on if you are on a tight family budget:

Subscriptions and memberships

Most households pay for multiple subscriptions like Netflix, DSTV and or GOTV, Showmax, some of which they don’t use on the regular.

For subscriptions that you don’t use on the regular such as Netflix or Showmax, I would suggest that you kick them out of your family budget.

It’s about time you cancelled some of these subscriptions and sticking to only one that you use regularly or daily.

Same case applies to memberships such as gym memberships, some of which you skip out on even after paying for them.

I recommend trying to work out from home or outdoors by either cycling or jogging.

Unnecessary Home Projects

Unnecessary projects such as repainting your house, buying new furniture, redoing your bathrooms or installing a swimming pool are more things that you need to kick out of your family budget.

Here is how to look at it, if you can live without it, then you don’t really need. So kick it out of your family budget or even better, put it on hold until things become better or go back to normal.

Food Takeouts

Ordering food out is one of the most unnecessary things that should be kicked out of your family budget.

I know, it’s nice to order some KFC or Java food for the family, but during this time, not only is it expensive to do so, but also risking infection.

If your family is craving pizza, it’s safer and cheaper to make one at home and at the same time, you learn new skills. Believe you me, it’ss very easy to recreate some of these foods they sell in restaurants.

Hosting Friends

Kicking this out of the family budget should actually come naturally due to the social distancing rules that have to be followed.

However, even after this pandemic passes, make sure that it stays out of the budget because in reality it is unnecessary and very expensive.

Things to Kick Out of Your Family Budget

It is estimated that hosting a couple of friends over at your home is equivalent to over half of your monthly food budget.

Don’t believe me? Get your calculator out and do the math.

Car Wash

Trips to the car can be quite expensive and even more, unnecessary especially if you have two or three family cars.

Instead of having this on your monthly budget, make it a bonding activity with your kids and the family as a whole during the weekends on a Sunday and save up on the much needed cash.

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