Rose: Image Redefined Saved Me

I have never given thought to how I looked. As long as I have clothing to drape over myself, then that was enough. I mean, a skirt, a t-shirt, sweater and flat shoes are all I ever needed. I bought the exact same things every time I thought I needed a new outfit. Changing rooms were not my favourite places to be. I felt suffocated in those tiny rooms coupled with the fact that shop attendants would be up my business all the time asking me if the clothes fit and bring even more for me to fit. I was so over it that it got to a point that I would just pick up the items and go fit them at home.

Thing is, I shopped I relatively expensive stores because I thought that the more expensive the clothes are, the better looking they are. You know the saying “you can smell an expensive outfit from a far” that was me. I wanted to look and feel expensive but every time I tried; I fell flat on my face.

You see, I was in my mid thirties with a husband and teenagers. I had gotten married at 22 and began popping babies almost immediately. I was either pregnant or breastfeeding for 7 straight years and in all honesty; between taking care of four children, a husband and a career in tow, my image was not on top of my list anymore. Heck, I even forgot how I looked and had no sense of fashion left in me.

Then came the weight gain – you know the brewed porridge brought by either your mother or mother in law after childbirth or the endless mursik you take to keep that milk supply up? Now think about consuming that and always “eating” for two for seven consecutive years? That was me and I added all the weight there was to gain.

Wakeup call

At thirty-six, I stood naked before my mirror. I looked down and could not see my toes. Looked at myself again and I knew something had to give. I was proud of how well my children had turned out; how successful my husband was as well as the strides I had made in my career but I did not recognize me. There were so many layers of not caring, not being conscious and self-neglect that had covered who I was at my core.

I remembered going to the parent-teacher meetings at my children’s schools and being asked if I was their nanny by other parents. Sometimes, my children would hint at daddy going instead of myself.

This hurt me so bad and I know something had to be done not only for myself but also for my family.

Lifestyle change

I understood that I could not change my physical appearance without craving for that change from the inside. I started working on my self esteem issues and confidence levels. It is then that I realized just how damaged I was. In buying the expensive outfits, I was trying to portray a façade I was not.

I had to change everything. I had to assure myself every day that I am strong and beautiful. I started a gratitude journal and that helped me a great deal.

Then I came to my weight. I was not happy with how heavy I was so I started taking up healthier habits for weight loss and when I got to my target weight bracket, I sort professional help to transform my image.

Image Redefined

I came across Catherine on Instagram as Fashionable Stepmum. I was impressed and my jaw dropped.

I thought to myself, just how gorgeous, composed and put together can a woman within my age bracket be? I wished I could just say the magic word and be as stylish and gorgeous as her. I watched her from a distance and boy did I fall in love with her work! I binge watched her YouTube vides and always looked forward to her next uploads.

When I got time, I would keep tabs with her Instagram stories to just know what she has been up to. I felt a strong urge to connect with her and when I could not resist anymore, I sent that DM.

She got back to me in a few hours and we chatted for a bit before I told her that I needed rescuing from my own look. I let her know about my struggles and we walked side by side in my transformation process.

The offerings

First of all, I learnt that I was pear shaped and that I needed to dress a certain way for my body shape. I also got to learn about my face shape and that not just any hair style would go well with it. I was advised on the right hair styles and lengths that would accentuate my face.

We also went through wardrobe basics and how they would be the basis of different looks. All these were eye-opening for me because in the past, I had thought that I would just wear anything or rock any hairstyle.

Ultimate success

After the whole process, I feel I am an entirely new person. I have literally changed from the inside out.

I recently got a promotion at work, my children are excited about parent teacher meetings, I have more energy to play with them and my husband, well, there is a lot he smiles about as a result of my image transformation.

You too, can get these and more if you joined this masterclass and be on your way to transforming not only your image but also your life.

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