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How to Dress for Your Body Type

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When you know your specific body shape and type, it makes shopping so much easier because you know which type of clothes work for you and which ones don’t. Additionally, it becomes so much easier for you to dress up, look the part and bring out your best features.

In a previous article, we talked about different body shapes and how to determine where you fit. I hope it helped and now you know where you fit, yes?

So, today, I will show you how to dress each specific body type such that you show off your best features.

Dressing the Hour Glass Body Type

When you have an hourglass body type or better known as size 8, your waist is your greatest asset.

Therefore, when it comes to choosing what to wear, always go for clothes that compliment your waist.

Invest in wrap dresses because they perfectly highlight the area between your waist and hips.

You can also throw a belt once or then on your outfit to draw attention to your waist. This comes especially handy when you wear a flowy dress or even a fitting one.

 When going for tops, choose V or plunge V and sweetheart necklines because they help you flaunt your upper body.

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Dressing the Triangle Body Type

Having a triangular body type (also known as a pear shape) means your lower part of the body is bigger compared to your upper part.

Wearing outfits that enhance your lower body and waist works best for this body type.

Some clothing items that can help flatter this body type are high waisted pants and skirts, skinny jeans, v neck tops, a line and wrap dress, just to mention a few.

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Dressing the Inverted Triangle Type

In order to dress for the inverted triangle body shape (you have broad shoulders, slim hips and shapely legs), you will want to balance your broader shoulders with your narrower lower body to create more of an hourglass silhouette.

Wrap style tops and v-neck tops look best on this figure. Look for A-line skirts, which will enhance your lower body and help balance your upper body.

Fit and flare dresses look great on this shape as well.

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Dressing the Round Body Type

Round shaped women usually have no waist definition.

Therefore, you should try to focus on highlighting your shoulders and legs.

Stay away from form-fitting tops and try more flowy styles.

Also, try and replace the waist belt with an upper waist belt to strike a balance.

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Dressing the Rectangle Body Type

In order to dress for the rectangle body shape (a similar width throughout your body from shoulders to waist), you should work on creating some curves.

Dresses that add definition to your bottom and necklines that add meat to the upper body should be your bestfriends.

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