5 Ways to Elegantly Wear Ripped Jeans

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Ways to Elegantly Wear Ripped Jeans
Ways to Elegantly Wear Ripped Jeans

Figuring out ways to wear ripped jeans without some elderly person asking if you have enough money for clothes is a tricky a fair.

Ripped jeans also popularly known as unfinished jeans are the go-to clothing item for those going for a laid back casual look.

Wearing ripped jeans has a way of giving off a carefree attitude. Therefore, pairing them with the right shoes or accessory goes a long way in making you look elegant and outstanding in them.

If you’re trying to get your ripped jeans approved for casual Fridays at work or just want to amp up your weekend street style, I got you.

It’s very possible to wear ripped jeans in an elegant and chic way and here’s how to do it:

Pair ripped jeans with a flowy blouse and heels

Most girls and women dress down unfinished jeans. But if you want to wear ripped jeans to work on a Friday or semi-formal events like graduation parties, pairing them with a nice blouse and heels can amp your whole look.

Heels have a way of making anything look classy and chic. Be sure to choose the most comfortable heels with solid colours for the office.

Add a blazer

If you are office girl, adding a blazer on top of your ripped jeans will elevate your outfit from a casual one to a classy and elegant one.

Blazers can transform any outfit and make it look a little more polished without trying very hard at all. So why not throw one on top of your ripped jeans?

Pair them with Boots

Pairing the right boots with ripped jeans is another classy and chic way of wearing unfinished jeans.

Ankle boots with a heel pair well with ripped jeans by balancing the care free attitude that these jeans give off with class and elegance.

Here are some fun ideas you can use in pairing ripped jeans with boots:

Avoid large holes and too much ripping

If you want to wear your ripped jeans elegantly, go with minimally ripped ones.

Too much of ripping and too big holes will end up looking trashy and tacky and we don’t want that, do we?

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