6 Instant Ways to Make You Look Classy and Elegant

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Ways to Look Classy
Instant Ways to Look Classy

Everyone wants to look fashionable and in style, but, what is the secret to looking classy and elegant?

A woman who looks classy and elegant gives off an air of confidence and ultimately attracts respect.

When you think of looking classy, always think minimal. I always say that when you are going for a classy look, it is always important to avoid trying too hard and keep it simple.

In this article, I will walk you through 6 instant ways that transform any outfit into a classy and elegant one.

Wearing a Watch

Wearing a trendy watch goes a long way in enhancing your appearance and value.

Recently, women have embraced wearing watches even though it has for a long time been considered a more manly accessory.

One thing that makes exhibit confidence and class is when she invests in a catchy and trendy watch.

My go to watch is a Rado watch that I absolutely love and wear with all my outfits because I find that it complements them.


The earrings you choose to wear are key into transforming your look.

One thing to always remember is to keep them small and simple.

Simple silver studs, pearl, and diamonds are my go-to earrings to pair with any look.

However, if you are fun and like to explore, a pair of small (keyword is small) gold hoops.


Not many people are comfortable with wearings rings. But if you choose to wear them, for a classy look, always look for simple or statement.

Choose between the two, and go for nothing in between these options. Ensure you buy a statement ring to dress up a plain outfit whenever you feel the need.

Ways to Look Classy

Wearing White

Wearing the colour white is one of the easiest ways for a woman to look classy, even when wearing a casual outfit.

If paired correctly, white accessories such as white blouses and shirts look really great.


Pairing a belt with either a dress or a skirt or pants can be the final touch that completes and polishes your total look. That’s why I love investing in good quality belts.

My go to colours are black and brown because they are solid colours.

Mixing and Matching

Over-matching your clothes might come off as trying too hard. It is also now considered as old fashioned to match.

Mixing and matching is the in thing now and is with the right choice, you can transform your whole look into a classy and elegant one.

However, don’t go overboard with mixing or else you will end up looking like a fashion clown.

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