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How to Prevent and Safely Lighten Dark Armpits

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How to Prevent and Safely Lighten Dark Armpits
How to Prevent and Safely Lighten Dark Armpits

Dark armpits shouldn’t be a cause for concern but for most women, it can be a source of embarrassment.

When it gets extremely hot, we all want to wear light clothes such as tank tops, sleeveless dresses and off-shoulder tops. However, these types of clothes can reveal dark armpits and cause a lot of discomfort.

Dark underarms also tend to ruin perfect pictures or selfie. That’s why most women would rather wear clothes that don’t put their armpits on display. And in other cases, you see women placing emojis on their armpits on pictures.

So what causes dark armpits?

Surprisingly, some everyday habits could be the cause of dark underarms.

Frequent shaving of underarm hair is the most common cause of dark under pits because it causes inflammation as well as repetitive friction.

Avoid Shaving to prevent Dark Armpits

Constant friction and inflammation on the skin causes darkening and hyperpigmentation.

Obesity is another proven factor that can lead to darkened under pits. A study conducted by the National Center for Biotechnology Information found that more than half of adults who weigh over 200 per cent of their ideal body weight have discolouration on parts of their body including their underarms.

Using certain types of medications can also contribute to the darkening of skin under the arms.

Some birth control pills, insulin, high-dose niacin, and corticosteroids, have proven to cause hyperpigmentation of the skin.

Some other causes of dark armpits that have been recorded are hormonal disorders, diabetes, genetics and cancer.

The good news is, you don’t have to live with dark armpits. There are certain ways that you can easily and safely lighten dark folds.

How to prevent dark armpits

Laser Hair removal

Since frequent shaving of underarm hair is the most common cause of darkening, laser hair removal is a great substitute for it.

This technique uses heat to destroy hair follicles and thus retards and prevents any future hair growth.

Avane Clinic and Adara CosMedics are some of the best laser hair removal clinics in Kenya that offer this service.

Though pricy, laser hair removal is the most effective fix for dark armpits.


A lot of women often ignore moisturizing their armpits and only use deodorants and roll-ons which can as well cause darkening.

Moisturizing to Prevent and Safely Lighten Dark Armpits

If you can’t afford laser hair removal and have to frequently shave, always apply a natural and unscented lotion to the area after shaving to reduce irritation and prevent changes in the skin. Vaseline is also a good moisturizer.

Talk to a doctor

For most causes of dark armpits such as medication use and underlying conditions, it’s always best to consult a doctor first before trying any remedies.

Your doctor can recommend switching up medications such as contraceptives and leading healthier lifestyles to curb obesity and diabetes.

Lightening Dark Armpits

Natural home remedies

We all love a DIY project so why not try to lighten dark armpits at home?

Some of the best natural products to use on your armpits include cucumbers, lemon, potato wedges, all of which you apply directly on the dark areas every evening before going to bed.

Whichever product you use, always follow up by washing up the area and applying a moisturizer.


Exfoliation is a great way to lighten dark areas, not only on dark armpits but also on other areas of the skin.

A mild body or face scrub is always recommended for use on your armpits. This is because some scrubs may cause unnecessary discolouration or friction on your skin.

Alternatively, you can whip up a natural body scrub using sugar and olive oil.

All you need is two tablespoons of sugar and olive oil each mixed well in a bowl. Apply the mixture 10 minutes before bath time, then wash up. Remember to always follow up with a moisturizer.

And there you have it ladies. No more dark armpits in the way to you living a glamorous life.

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