15 Fun Activities To Do As A Family During Quarantine

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I know parents are losing their minds during this quarantine period. Homeschooling is not as easy at they taught and they are literally losing their cool. Some that were used to bundling their children up and sending them upcountry to stay with their grandparents during school holidays have been caught unawares thanks to the cessation of movement imposed. Three months into the lock-down, parents, including myself, have had to be creative in terms of how to spend time with the children. Here are 15 fun activities to do as a family during quarantine.

Look for creative activities to do
  • Help the children create fun memories for the future

Such activities as a weekly movie or game night will stick with the kids through their adulthood. They help the family connect, strengthen their relationships and having fun in general.

  • Foster a learning environment

Apart from school work, the home should also provide a learning environment for the children. You can decide that the balcony of the play room is the study area. Do not be rigid like the traditional classrooms. Let the environment be one that encourages creativity, flexibility and fun.

  • Have family time

Some may decide to start the day with it while some may choose to end with it. Family time may have sessions for reading the Bible or Quran or any other religious scripture, followed by teachings and what is expected from each family member on that day. Family time gives structure to a home and thus its inclusion in the list of fun activities to do as a family during quarantine.

  • Child freedom

Ask the children what they want to learn and give them the autonomy to decide. This will help with their cognitive development and boost their decision-making.

  • Create family traditions

Nothing stays with the children longer than family traditions. As a fun activity to do as a family during quarantine, family traditions such as camp nights, weekly Sunday cookouts or bike-riding in the neighborhood bring a family closer and make quarantine bearable.

  • Teach children important life skills

Teach your children how to cook (if they are old enough), teach them how to do laundry and other survival skills. Remember that there are no gender roles and that both boys and girls should be raised to be responsible young men and women.

Teach your children important life skills
  • Have family meetings

Family meetings do not have to be tense and uptight. Make yours fun; filled with laughter and love. Make all the members of the family look forward to them Of course if there is bad behavior then it should be called out.

In these family meetings, talk about work in progress, what is yet to be done and what is expected rom each family member.

Be each other’s accountability partner and grow together as a family.

  • Create a daily list of “challenges”

Challenges are meant to encourage or motivate others to do better. Family challenges may include reading a certain number of book chapters per day, learning a new skills or recipe a week, working on a puzzle or reconnecting with an old friend.

This will help the children be on their toes with deadlines and this will be beneficial to them in the future.

  • Participate in social media challenges

Remember the “Don’t rush”, “Don’t leave me” “Flip the witch” challenges among other? Jump on them, do them as a family, fail, laugh and then perfect on those moves. You will be amazed at just how much fun they are. They will also help you bond.

  • Charity begins at home

As a family, look out for ways you can help the community even from home. You can donate food, clothing or money to go to the less privileged during the pandemic.

  • Work out together

This can also be called the “PE class”. You can take videos of the children doing physical activities and they can send them to their friends or teachers.

  • Start a garden

Planting a kitchen garden is a great and fun activity to do as a family during quarantine. You can also pot herbs like rosemary, thyme or parsley.

  • Video call grandparents, relatives or friends
  • Invent a game
  • Take a break!

What have you been up to during quarantine?

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