Chic Ways To Rock Your Classic Knitted Sweater

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Knitted sweaters are the in thing. I mean they are cozy and insanely stylish especially during this cold season. I have come to love chunky knitted sweaters because I get to be stylishly cozy. Heck it’s a break from “freeze and shine”. These sweaters come in chunky cable knits, mohair, cashmere or heavy wool and below are chic ways to rock your classic knitted sweater.

Sweaters can be worn to work and straight to a night out of fun. All you need to do is know to style them for the different occasions.

Bottoms for knitted sweaters include skinny jeans, leather skirt, ripped jeans, tutu skirts, thigh high boots, straight fit skirts among others.

Check out style inspirations below. Be sure to customize them to fit your body type and skin colour.

This look is both serious and laid back. The plaid skirt together with the high slit add flavour to this look.

Black sweater in leopard print slip dress

This look is simple and laid back. It can be worn to Sunday brunch with the girls or for light errands at the mall.

This look speaks of fun at the park. Running after the kids, no problem. This look’s got you covered.

Burnt orange sweater with pleated skirt

I wore this to the 2019 Korean Fair and I must say it was a befitting look.

Red sweater with leather skirt

This look is just hot and I would definitely wear it to a date night with Mike. The leather skirt and the high slit with the heels give you a fierce look. You can never go wrong with the red and black combination.

Bonus look: Sweater dress

I am such a sneakers girl and I would probably throw in sneakers to every look if it were possible. I love white sneakers to be precise and that is why it had to be on my list of wardrobe essentials.

Green sweater dress

I would like to know if there are any fans of sweater tops out there and how you rock them. Which of the above looks is your favourite? Please recreate it and tag me on your Instagram stories.

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