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Weight Loss Techniques You Should Try

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How do I lose this stubborn belly fat?

How did you manage to maintain your weight after weight loss?

What diets and weight loss techniques can I try? Do they work?

How I lost 36Kgs and kept it off

All these are questions that I get daily in my DMs and I realize that people are struggling with weight loss and how to keep the shed weight off.

I will say it once again that dream bodies are made in the kitchen. The gym is just a small percentage.

Even though I do not look like it now, I was once chubby and I struggled with my size, weight and number on the scale. I was once a whopping 96 kilograms right after I had had my son Shawn and after being diagnosed with Hiatal Hernia, I had to find a permanent weight loss solution.

Things had become so bad at this time such that all the food I took refluxed, I coughed a lot because the hernia was pressing against my diaphragm and I slept in a sitting position because any attempt to lie flat would cause the reflux thus choking me.

I might have taken a non-conventional approach and had a bariatric weight loss surgery but that is honestly not where it ends. There is a lot that goes into play even after the surgery. If you are not careful, you can still balloon and add weight, even surpassing your initial weight before the surgery.

Here are different weight loss methods that people swear by and you too should try them out.

  1. Intermittent Fasting

Commonly referred to as IF, it is currently one of the world’s most popular weight loss technique and fitness trend. Those that swear by it say it is realistic, effective for weight loss and healthy living and has helped to simplify their lifestyles.

Intermittent fasting is, therefore, an eating pattern that alternates between periods of fasting and eating.

The most common IF methods include fasting for 16 hours daily and only eating during the 8-hour window or fasting for 24 hours, 2 days a week.

IF works by reducing calorie intake.

You should however be careful not to overeat during the eating window as you will be counterproductive.

The 16/8 is the most common form of IF as those that have used it say it is the most sustainable and easy to stick with.

Kaletu Kaseo is a Kenyan Intermittent Fasting coach with valuable resources to help you kickstart your IF weight loss journey.

  • Detoxing

I try to have a detox drink every morning – some days I am consistent, some days I am only human.

I must say that the detox drink helps to keep weight gain at bay. My detox drink is often a green smoothie with kales or spinach, almond milk, a natural sweetener (stevia) and berries. This drink helps to keep my body alkaline.

Jane Mukami runs a fitness program with a 10 Day detox program and post detox menus to eat healthy and stay lean. You should check her out.

  • Portion control

I will admit that I am not a lean feeder. I like to have a little bit of everything because I love my foods.

The secret with portion control is to have little servings, several time a day as opposed to one big meal in a setting.

Also, I make sure my vegetables are twice the amount of carbs on my plate.

To hack the portion control wight loss technique, it is important to always carry healthy snacks with you so that you do not suffer hunger pangs and end up overindulging in “bad” food.

I always make sure to have fruits such as apples and bananas or nuts within my reach at all times for easy and healthy snacking.

  • No refined sugars and pastries

I avoid sodas and juices like a plague. I, however, love my coffee with stevia and my good old wine. I am not so much of a water drinker but I strive to improve on that always.

I also avoid wheat products such as cakes, cookies and samosas. I will be honest here guys, chapatti has been such a struggle for me to cut out of my diet.

Fruits and vegetables are essential for weight loss

No-wheat breakfast options include:


Muhogo/Arrow roots

Ngwaci/Sweet Potatoes

Boiled eggs


All these can be taken with black sugarless tea or coffee.

Stevia can be used to sweeten the beverages instead of refined sugars.

  • No carbs after 3pm

In most Kenyan households, carbohydrates are often a part of the dinner. Such foods as ugali, rice and spaghetti are all starch and the no-carbs-after-3pm rule can at times be a struggle.

To beat this, I have made a conscious effort to plan out my meals and especially dinner beforehand. This ensures that all the items on the list are bought and that there are no exuses to eat carbs.

I know you must be thinking; So, what do I take for dinner?

The options are endless and when using this weight loss technique, all you need to do is change your mentality on what constitutes a “proper” dinner especially when you are looking to cut weight.

List of possible no-carb dinner combinations

Kales + Green grams (Ndengu)

Cabbage + Peas

Managu + Beef

Mixed Vegetables  + Pork

Omena + Cabbage

Beans + Cabbage

Fish + Spinach

Eggs + terere

Remember that your health is your responsibility and it should be a priority. You cannot ingest unhealthy foods and expect to remain healthy.

Find a balance and indulge in those treats once in a while – they are called cheat meals for a reason.

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