My Top 8 Scents Of 2020

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Must have scents of 2020

I am obsessed about smelling nice. I believe one’s scent speaks a lot about them. Before we delve into my top eight scents/fragrances of 2020, I would like to inform you about the different types and the best application practices for lasting scents.

Types of scents

  • Eau de Toilette

This one has a short span of time lasting between 2 and 3 hours

  • Eau de Perfume

This one lasts for 6 to 8 hours

  • Perfume

Lasts all day long and a good one never goes away

Application tips

When applying perfume, here are the best spots to apply to ensure the scent lasts longer and that you smell crisp and fresh all day.

  • Below the wrists
  • Behind the ears
  • On the neck
  • Between the elbow fold
  • Below the knees

NOTE: After you have applied perfume on your wrists, do not rub them together as this increases temperature and breaks down the molecular structure of the perfume causing it to smell an entirely different scent.

Without further ado, let’s delve into my 2020 perfume collection.

  1. Salvatore Ferregamo – Amo Ferregamo

This is my number one scent because it is very sophisticated, graceful and elegant.

Its scent is creamy, vanilla and very sensual and I absolutely love it.

I would wear it to an evening of luxury with three course meals and champagne. I love it.

  • Lancome – La Nuit

This perfume has hints of red currant, vanilla, bergamot and it is simply Lancome’s interpretation of Love.

It is a has a dark, floral intense scent and if you are obsessed with the packaging, you will love the diamond-shaped bottle.

I would wear this to a date night with Mike to simply remind him to keep vibing me and keep the love alive.

  • Lancome – La Vie Est Belle

This is my classic everyday scent and I love it because it is clean, luxurious, romantic, feminine and it reminds me of that legendary rich aunt who would walk into your home and you would never forget her smell.

It is retro, feminine and fun. You too can wear it everyday to work, school etc

  • Tom Ford – Venetian Bergamot

This perfume is a private blend produced in a limited amount and then they go off the market.

It has a dark floral scent; sensual and smells of luxury.

I love it because it is unisex so if you are a couple that loves to smell the same, then this is the one for you.

  • Narciso Rodriguez- Amber Musc

This perfume has a woody scent since it is made from vanilla and sandalwood but according to me, it smells of that creamy orange ice cream or sorbet.

It has a very sensual smell.

It is perfect for going on a date with an older guy.

  • Elie Saab – Girl of Now Forever

The mix of sugar and pistachio gives it a very sweet, sexy smell.

If I were a thirty something year old woman going on a blind date, this is the fragrance that I would wear. I would pair it with the Little Black Dress or a red-hot dress

  • Dolce and Gabbana – Light Blue

It has an intense scent – crisp, light, fresh and clean. It is one of my favourites.

It reminds me of a clean organized look on a hot summer day because it maintains the freshness even if you sweat.

  • Marc Jacobs – Decadence

It is a bossy seductive scent and its line “I have arrived” resonates with me.

I realized that its scent tends to go away after a few hours and I have to reapply it as the day progresses so to avoid this, I built up my scent from using the decadence shower gel and lotion that comes in the box.

This helps the scent stay longer.

If you do not purchase it together with the lotion and shower gel, it would be best worn to an early morning board meeting or to dinner.

It will definitely tell the people you are meeting that YOU HAVE ARRIVED!

With all that said, make sure you keep your body hydrated all day long so that your body does not become acidic causing the perfume to wear off fast.

What are your top 2020 scents and perfumes?

Until next time,

Love and Light,

C. K.

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