Busting Top Myths Associated with Using Tampons

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Myths Associated with Using Tampons
Busting Top Myths Associated with Using Tampons

You have probably heard hundreds of opinions associated with using tampons, some of which are facts and some, just pure myths.

What is the most outrageous and most ridiculous thing you’ve ever heard about using tampons? I once overheard a woman say that using tampons is demonic because it involves inserting something into your vagina, much like masturbation.

Wearing tampons has for a long time been considered a Western thing that most African women haven’t embraced. This has largely been caused by the amount of misinformation being passed from one woman to the next.

Due to misinformation being passed around, a lot of myths associated with the use of tampons have cropped up, some firmly rooted in our societies.

In this article, we will look at the most common myths that are associated with the use of tampons and try to bust them with facts.

Tampons Interfere with Virginity

This is one of the most prominent and common myths associated with using tampons.

It is a common belief that teenage girls who are still virgins should not use tampons as they can break their virginity.

According to gynecologists, depending on the kind of hymen you have, it’s possible that using tampons can tear or “break” the hymen.

Myths Associated with Using Tampons
Will I lose my virginity if I use a tampon?

However, did you know that a lot of virgins don’t even have intact hymens? In fact, some women aren’t born with hymens at all!

So, for teenagers who are using tampons and are worried about breaking their virginity, rest assured that this is a myth. Virgins can still use tampons safely because only having sex can break your virginity.

Tampons can get lost inside you

This is a common worry that most women who steer clear of using tampons have. However, this is just another myth associated with the use of tampons.

All tampons come with a string attached at the end to help in pulling them off when it’s time to take them off.

The only way a tampon can get lost inside you is if you forget to remove it and have sex while still wearing one.

Tampons stretch out your vagina

There is this worry that a lot of women have about their vagina stretching, and with the use of tampons, this worry has grown.

Vaginas are naturally stretchy

Vaginas are stretchy. That’s a fact. They stretch when a woman is aroused and even better, during pregnancy.

So, rest assured that the belief of tampons stretching out your vagina is a myth. Tampons can easily go in and out without changing anything.

You can’t pee if you have a tampon on

It is pretty evident that even in this day and age, some women still don’t know the difference between their vagina and urethra.

When you pee, urine comes out from the urethra and not your vagina, where you put your tampon.

So saying that you can’t pee with a tampon in is a myth.

What other myths associated with using tampons have you heard? Share them in the comments section and let’s try to bust them.

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