7 Face Shapes and The Right Hairstyles For Each

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We all have different face shapes and the hairstyles that we rock will will significantly change according to the shape of our faces. Different styles flatter these shapes differently thus the need to know which shape your face is and which style suits you best.

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  • The oval face shape

If you have a face that is longer than it is wide and the chin is narrower than the cheekbones, then this is an oval shape.

This shape is proportional and it looks good with most hair styles. Also, any length of cut, weave or wig looks good with this face.

  • The round shape

Do you have a wide hairline with fullness under the cheekbones? If yes, then you have a round face. Longer hair that gives the face a longer look is a good style for this shape of face. A side swept bang can be great in adding length to a round face. Avoid shorter lengths as they add to the roundness of the face.

  • The square shape

This face is characterized by a wide hairline and a wide jawline. Hair with longer lengths look good with this shape. Hair with texture as well as soft bangs would be great with the square face.

  • The heart-shaped face

This shape is characterized with a forehead that is wider than the chin. Bangs that are swept to the side help to disguise the width of the forehead. Ensure that the volume around the jaw is fuller so as to add weight to the narrow chin.

  • The diamond-shaped face

Individuals whose foreheads and chins are narrower than their cheekbones have the diamond face shape. A hairstyle such as bob would best accentuate this shape. Straight bangs can also be added as they help to shorten the face. Tucking your hair behind your hair will also help to accentuate your cheekbones.   

  • The pear-shaped face

Often called the triangular face, this shape has a smaller forehead and a wider jawline. Longer hairstyles help to “hide” or take attention away from the prominent jawline. When rocking a shorter hairstyle, ensure there is more volume on top so that the smaller forehead is made to look fuller.

  • The oblong face shape

This face is long with narrow bone structure. Stick to shorter hairstyles. Hairstyles with curls and body will make the face appear wider which is perfect.

What is the shape of your face and which hairstyle suits you best?

Also, be sure to find out your body shape and learn how to dress for it.

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