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How I Have Managed to Maintain Weight Loss After Losing 36 Kgs

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Maintaining Weight Loss After Losing 36 Kgs

Believe me or not, my weight loss journey started even before I got pregnant and had my baby, Shawn in 2012.

When I met my husband Mike, I was 22 years old weighing 61 kilos. Since I didn’t want to get pregnant without proper planning, I explored contraception options with my gynaecologist. I later settled on getting an implant.

In under 6 months, probably due to the hormones from the implant, I gained 12 kilos and my weight shot up to 73 kilos.

On top of that, I was under a lot of stress, trying to blend into Mike’s family with the kids.

My weight shot up dramatically to 94 kilos because I dealt with stress by overeating.

It was then that I consulted a nutritionist and a trainer and started my weight loss journey. 7 months in, I had lost an impressive 11 kilos until I got pregnant and had Shawn in 2012.

After my pregnancy, I weighed the heaviest I have ever been at 96 kilos.

2 years later, I was diagnosed with Hiatal Hernia, a condition that comes with obesity.

After much consulting, I flew to India to get the hernia removed and that is how I had the mini gastric bypass surgery.

A mini gastric bypass surgery helps promote weight loss by limiting the amount of calories one can consume in a single meal (restrictive weight loss) as well as the number of calories that can be absorbed by the body during the digestion process (malabsorptive weight loss).

After my surgery, I was placed on a no solids diet for 2 weeks which made me lose 9 kilos, something that really motivated me.

4 years later after a lot of commitment and hard work, I was 36 kilos lighter.

So, how have I managed to maintain my bodyweight all these years? I’ll let you in on my secret.

Regular Exercise

So you just reached your weight goal. What’s next? A lot of people think that reaching your goal means the end of your fitness program.

It’s important to continue having an exercise routine. What I do is that in as much as I don’t go to the gym often, I always try to stay active. I walk a lot and do some cleaning in the house.

Additionally, if you have a fitness routine, it’s always a good idea to mix things up.

In the sense that you mix up exercises such as cardio and weight training to avoid monotony and getting bored of your routine.

Watching My Portions

Having the mini gastric bypass surgery meant that I could never eat too much food at once. This means that I had to watch my portions.

So a normal day for me means that I have small portions of food through out the day at different times, say about 4 to 5 times.

Even when I eat in restaurants, I eat half the food served on my plate and then have the other food packed to go.

Avoiding Sweet things

Since my surgery, I avoid refined sugars like a plague.

This means that I don’t take juices, sodas and even normal sugar. I substitute sugar in my coffee with stevia, a natural sweetener.

I also never take pastries such as cakes, samosas and chapatis.

Detox Drinks and Smoothies

I take a lot of detox drinks to help maintain my wight loss and at the same time flush out any toxins in my body.

When making one of my favorite detox drinks, I use warm water, lemon, grapefruit, cayenne pepper and apple cider vinegar.

Smoothies are also a great and fun way of maintaining the weight loss for me.

Since I’m not huge on taking red meat, I take a lot of protein shakes. I usually mix protein powders with almond milk, collagen powder, bananas, berries and pineapples which help with vitamin intake.

Eating Home Prepped Meals

Eating home prepped meals helps me watch my portions and at the same time it helps me control what’s put in the food.

Unlike in restaurants where you have no idea what kind of oils and fats they put.

I also eat a lot of natural foods such as githeri, ugali and matoke.

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