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Top 6 Fashion Rules You Should NEVER Break

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Fashion Rules You Should NEVER Break
Fashion Rules You Should NEVER Break

I’ve never been one to follow rules. But when it comes to fashion rules, I always stick to the law and order.

I consider myself a fashionable person, hence the name Fashionable Step mum. I’m a lover of fashion. Fashion and I are like two peas in a pod.

I’m not a judgemental person but sometimes I catch myself cringing because of the many fashion mishaps I see with women around me.

No one really knows where these “fashion rules” came from, or who made them up. We all know that we’re supposed to be following them.

And that’s why I have compiled some of the most common fashion rules that are broken everyday by women.

Visible Underwear and Bra Lines

Visible underwear lines are the most cringe worthy fashion missteps. Underwear lines on trousers and dresses are a no no!

Even though we are in the 21st century, it’s as if some women haven’t gotten the memo yet on this fashion rule.

To avoid this fashion mishap, there are a few things you can do.

First, you could go commando, or in other words, not wear any underwear. However, I don’t recommend this as it might not be very sanitary or comfortable if you are wearing a short free dress.

Second, you could wear thongs or g-strings. This, in my opinion, is the easiest and quickest fix to visible panty lines.

Third, seamless underwear and bras have become so popular that you will find them almost everywhere being sold. You, therefore, have no reason to have visible panty lines under your dress or pants.

Revealing Too Much

This should be one of the most no brainer fashion rules! You should never reveal too much in too many spots.

What I mean is, if you decide to show off some cleavage, make sure your legs are covered and vice versa.

Showing too much skin is a no no.

Therefore, if you are showing some skin on the upper part of your body, make sure you wear a long skirt or pants under. If you are wearing a short skirt, wear a more conservative top.

Wearing Sunglasses Inside

This isn’t really a fashion rule, but common sense.

Not only is it rude to wear sunglasses inside, but it also makes you look like a douche. 😂 You might be thinking that it looks cool because celebrities do it, but you aren’t one. Are you?

I mean, the whole point of wearing sunglasses is to protect your eyes from the sun. Right? So what’s the point of wearing them inside?


Sometimes over-matching your clothes might comes off as trying too hard. And we don’t want that, do we?

Sometimes it’s better to be a bit playful with the colours but don’t go overboard and end up looking like a fashion clown.

The only exception of the matching fashion rule is when you want a full on black outfit.

Even so, when wearing black on black, always make sure that that the blacks are the same hue.

Loose/Tight Combination

This fashion rule pretty much speaks for itself.

If you wear tight fitting clothes the upper top of your body, make sure the lower part of your outfit is loose fitting and vice versa.

Wearing White to a Wedding

This is my final fashion rule, which is more of an etiquette. If you have been invited for a wedding, leave white to the bride. You should let the bride shine on her special day.

There are hundreds of other dress colours you can wear so stay away from white.

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