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Eight Tips For Hiding Belly Fat Fabulously

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Sooo, what is a “waist”?

Oh, that thing? I can’t remember the last time I saw it – Jayne

Please address this issue that is troublesome for many of us as we age;
and below waists that have grown larger over time – Diane


Belly fat should not prevent you from looking stylish

I get the above comments a lot and it is a fact that most women struggle with belly fat; whether it is losing it or dressing appropriately for the same.

Belly fat, potty or “mataya” can be very stubborn when trying to lose and can pose challenges when trying to look stylish and fashionable.

Without a defined waistline, some women may not feel as beautiful but truth is, whatever body shape you have, you are beautiful and stunning. The trick lies in knowing how to dress for your body type.

Even though research has shown that men actually like a small belly fat and they find it more attractive than abs, women still like to hide their bellies under clothing. This has to be done carefully lest you end up making it look bigger.

Here are my tips on how to hide your tummy, belly fat and side fat under your clothes

  • Avoid tight tops that cling to your tummy

Get blouses and t-shirts with a drape or ruching.

Tight garments and especially on your waist line will accentuate every fat bubble that you have and that is not what we want.

A draping top will take attention away from your tummy and instead direct it to your fabulous clothing.

Aside from drapes, look out for tops that are patterned to confuse the eye and with a flattering V neck to shift one’s attention from the tummy area.

  • Layer your outfits

A nice way to hide your tummy under clothes is to wear a lose fitting top with a short-fitted jacket on top.

A longer white t-shirt for instance layered with a black denim or leather jacket would be perfect for hiding your belly fat since the difference in length confuses the eyes.

Cardigans and kimonos can also be used to layer outfits thus creating that long silhouette.

  • Create vertical lines with cardigans

Cardigans, jackets and ponchos are a great way to hide your tummy since they create vertical lines and create an illusion of length, taking the eyes away from the belly.

Waterfall drapes and kimonos are also great when it comes to creating those vertical lines for a slimmer look.

  • Get clothing with vertical stripes

Naturally, vertical stripes and patterns will make you look taller and slimmer. Make sure the stripes are narrower and more frequent as those that are too wide may create an illusion that you have a wider waist.

Avoid clothing with horizontal lines at all costs.

  • Give emphasis to a different part of your body

Even though you do not have a snatched waist, you still have other parts of your body that are beautiful. Highlight them.

They could be your arms, shoulders, cleavage, back or legs – whatever it is, accentuate it.

You can get a nice off-shoulder top or a patterned trouser under your peplum top.

Make the eye go to a different part of your body and not your tummy area.

Hacks for dresses when hiding stubborn belly fat

  • Wear dresses with big flowers
  • Avoid tight dresses that highlight your tummy
  • Wear trapezoidal dresses without tight spots
  • Wear dark coloured dresses
  • Get dresses with a peplum design
  • Use accessories

Wear a scarf or accessorize your outfit with a statement handbag, neck piece or shoes. This will shift attention from your belly to this other beautiful accessory.

  • Use shape wear

When all is said and done, get yourself a comfortable shape wear. This helps to tuck the tummy and firm everything up.

Concealing belly fat does not have to be difficult. With a little tweaks to your wardrobe and how you pair clothing items, you are on your way to being fabulously stylish!

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