7 Bra Shopping Tips

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Bra shopping sounds simple but it can actually be draining and downright catastrophic. Imagine realizing that you have been buying the wrong fit simply because you have never taken the right measurements or coming to the realization that your bras start getting lose soon after because you never accounted for stretching? To avoid wasting time and money, here are 7 tips to follow when bra shopping.

Make sure your bra has the perfect fit
  • Get your measurements right

The very first thing a woman should do when shopping for bras is getting their bust size taken. This involves measuring directly under the bust as well as on the fullest part of the bust.

Most of us are culprits of fitting bras on top of other clothing and assuming they will fit without proper measurement.

Our bodies change and so do our bust sizes. Get them measured regularly.

  • Get a frame fitting bra

After you have been well measured, ensure that the bra is snug. Snug means the bra is fitted below your bust and not necessarily too tight to even breath.

A loose fitting bra will cause the back to shift and this loses its boob-lifting effect.

  • Factor in the stretching

Bra material is spandex. Remember it will stretch over time due to wear and tear. It is recommended that you get a bra that fits when it is latched to the widest possible position and as you continue to wear it and it stretches, you can start hooking it to the next latches.

This is the reason why bras have three to four different latching position.

When you get a bra whose snug fit is in the narrowest position; you will have to dispose the bra when it starts to stretch since there is no more allowance to stretch it.

Get the right size and colour of bra
  • Ensure that your cups are centered

When bra shopping, make sure that when you look into the mirror, the bra cups your breasts to the centre. They should not be low or wide.

  • Wear the right shirt when bra shopping

The shirt help will help you visualize how the bra will look underneath clothes. Pull necks or high collared shirts will make your bust look bigger which is not a true representation of how your breasts will look with the bra in a different shirt.

  • Strapless bras need more work

Strapless bras are trickier to fit because they lack support. A tip would be to go for a size bigger so as to prevent the “breast pinch”.

Look out for strapless bras that have grip or latex for that firm hold.

  • You can still be stylish with bigger cups

Just because you wear a bigger size does not mean you cannot buy fashionable bras. Get something that is sexy, youthful and still provides the desired support.

A good place to shop for bras is Double Dees. They may be pricey but remember is is quality over quantity. Woolworths and MRP are also great places to shop for bras.

Bonus bra shopping tip: A black bra is a must have item for your wardrobe. Invest in one.

Have you ever had your bra size fitted or are you the pick and go type of girl? Which bra shipping tip did know about?

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