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Top 8 90s Fashion Trends Making a Comeback in 2020

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The 1990s was a decade of outstanding fashion and there are some trends from that era that are making a remarkable entry back to the fashion scene. The 90s fashion trends making a comeback in 2020 are those that have proven to be versatile enough. Some have remained as they were while some have been tweaked a little to suit the millennial needs.

Below are my top eight 90s fashion trends that have made a comeback in 2020

  1. Cargo pants

I got to wear the side-pocketed pants when growing up and they were thought to be men’s wear then. For this reason, they were not a favourite. As I got older, however, I dug into them and looked forward to when they would be a thing again.

When the men’s series came out, I was contemplating getting one and then getting it customized to my fit. I never got around to do this because female cargo pants got into the market soon after.

They come in a variety of colours and my best are the camouflage and khaki . Cargo pants are versatile and can be casually worn or styled for work.

Dressing cigarette/cargo pants for work
  • Biker shorts

As a health and fitness enthusiast, I see why this 90s fashion trend is making a comeback in 2020. Athleisure is also a thing now and aside from its comfort, biker shorts offer great aesthetic and provide a flattering silhouette.

I know an older generation might not applaud this kind of wear but let the young bloods live a little.  

  • Leather chokers

Chockers are great neck accessories and those made of leather just take it a notch higher. I am glad this 90s fashion trend has made a comeback in 2020.

  • Cardigans

Who doesn’t like a nice fluffy cardigan? Cardigans and sweater tops can be layered and styled differently to achieve that retro and polished look.

Cardigans can be paired with high-waisted jeans for that casual look or with a leather skirt to achieve an official look.

  • Cat-eye frames/sunglasses

There was a peak of the exaggerated cat-eye design of frames in the 1990s and this trend is being reembraced. I love that frames these days can be tailor-made to fit one’s facial structure and features and the cat-eye design is one of my favourites.

  • Combat boots

By now, you know that I am the girl with the big feet and I have always been inclined to masculine footwear. The reintroduction of combat boots, therefore, makes me happy because those of us with large feet can get them easily.

  • Wide legged/flared pants

Flared pants are also on the top of my favourite reinventions. I love them because they add playfulness to an outfit. It can also be worn to different occasions depending on how it is dressed up. Get to see how I played with mine on a previous blogpost.

  • Fanny packs

As the brunt of many fashion jokes, the 90s decided that fanny packs were a brilliant way to carry your things hands-free.

Fanny packs can be styled in different ways

I love this 90s fashion comeback because it serves two purposes – a bag and a belt. Also, if you are a bag lover, be sure to check out my entire 2020 bag collection.

With that said, there are a lot more 90s fashion trends that have made a comeback in 2020 that I am still digging and they include high-waisted mom jeans, tracksuits, velvet and designer slides.

All these, when well paired, can give you that coveted updated look. At the end of the day, old is still gold. What is your favourite old fashion trend that you would like to see its comeback?

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