Top 6 Nail Polish Colours that go With Every Outfit

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Nail Polish Colours that go With Every Outfit
Choosing the right colours for your nails

Choosing the right nail polish colours that go with every single outfit is tricky. This is because the colour on your nails can either make or break your outfit.

Your nails, however small a detail they might seem, speak volumes about who you are and how your outfit is put together.

It is, therefore, vital that you to choose your nail polish colours wisely.

A lot of us are tempted to try out the hundreds of styles that salons usually have pinned on their walls. However, some of these nail polish colours usually end up clashing with the majority of our outfits.

That is why I recommend choosing nail polish colours that go with every outfit in your wardrobe.

Check out these 6 nail polish colours that I absolutely love and usually compliment any and every outfit I wear:


Nude nail polish is number one on my list because it is my go-to colour for when you want to go for a minimalist look.

Truth is, long or short nude nails look great with every outfit!

If you want to give your nude nails a bit of pop, I always recommend breaking it up with a different style on one of your fingers.

Blush Pink

Blush pink is a great colour for a working girl because it is both subtle and feminine.  

This colour acts as a neutral and pairs incredibly easily with most outfits.

Here are some ways you can style this colour without looking too basic:

Grey is one of the best neutral nail polish colors around: It’s chic and effortless with a sophisticated edge.

Grey in either matte or shiny will do you just fine.


Brown is another hidden treasure that most women don’t know about.

The colour brown brings warmth to your look and doesn’t overpower your outfit as is with most bold colours of polish.


I love white nails because they give off sophisticated vibes. White on nails can also make basic coloured outfits pop.

Having white nails also makes it fun to accessorize jewelry with such a plain nail.


You can never go wrong with black nail polish. Though they’re bold and have a mind of their own there’s very little (to nothing) black can’t go with.

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