How to Make a Lasting First Impression on a First Date

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It is true that you do not get a second chance to make a good first impression. That is why you need to be well prepared when going on a first date especially after you have been away from the dating scene for a while and you would like to jump back into the dating pool.

You could be a divorcee, a widow or widower or you had concentrated on your career and you feel this is the right time to find someone to share your life with and thus the need to go on dates.

Aim on making a positive and lasting first impression on a first date

Here are a few tips to make sure that your first date yields a second for both men and women. These tips can also be used to recover from a first bad date.

  • Show up on time

Meeting new people for the first time is stressful enough. Do not add up the pressure by arriving late, disheveled and sweaty on the first date. You want to be seen as someone that respects other people’s time and that you take them seriously.

Well, in as much as I waited for Mike for a few hours on our first date, he explained himself well and I understood him. He has never come late to a date ever again.

In the event that you arrive late because of unforeseen circumstances, do not pretend it does not matter. Apologize for coming late, explain why and let them know that you will be sure to keep time next time.

  • Dress appropriately

It is a date, not a job interview – do not be so uptight. It has been mentioned a dozen times over that it is not one’s dressing that will determine whether or not a relationship will be born but it sure gives one an edge on making a lasting first impression on a date.

For women, I recommend a dress, subtle earrings and minimal make-up. I will insist that you do not have to wear clothes that are overly revealing since we are looking for an emotional connection and not a sex appeal.

As for the men, a good jacket or blazer paired with a nice shirt does wonders. It gives you that robust and crisp look that women like.

First date looks should be sharp and appropriate. Do not show up in flip flops to a high-end restaurant or in a dinner dress to a coffee shop.

My rule of thumb is; dress suitably and look fabulous!

  • Be well scented

It is important to pay attention to how you smell on the first date. There is no better turn on – for both men and women – than smelling nice.

Spritz your favourite perfume on before going to the date. This will add you those bonus points. Be careful not to overdo it at this may work against you and push your date away. Moderation please.  

  • Listen with intent

Give your date time to talk. Let it be conversational. You do not want to be talking the whole time, making your date feel like they came to a lecture.

If all you do is talk about your career, family, achievements, relationships, hobbies, travel destinations, bucket list without giving you date time to talk, you will come off as proud and full of yourself. This will form a bad first impression of you. Who would want to go on a second date with a non-stop talking machine? No one.

A good listener makes a good lover and this is what you are looking for, show your date that you can listen to them.

  • Go with the flow

There is no one-size-fits-all approach for a date. Do not be rigid. Be flexible. Let the conversation flow. Be open-minded.

If your date suggests you go for a walk, do it. If you want to get ice cream and not coffee as you had earlier planned, communicate the same.

You will make a good first impression for voicing your concerns and not being timid.

Be flexible and open-minded on the first date

There is no perfect date. Do not be fooled by movies into setting unrealistic expectations. People are different and it is in accommodating one another that we make lasting first impressions especially on a date.

Creating lasting and positive first impressions and more so on a first date can go a long way in helping one in the subsequent dates. Your confidence and presenting yourself in good light is the first and right step towards meeting a new person and potentially starting a new relationship.

Always remember to carry your authenticity – it is the best form of first impression.

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