Microblading & Micro/Ombre Shading Brow Trends in Kenya: Everything You Need To Know.

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If you are obsessed with brows like I am, you must have looked up the new microblading and microshading brow trends in Kenya and wondered what the buzz online is all about. This decision might have been prompted by how much time it took you to fill in your brows everyday or you might have stumbled upon a page where the muse had these perfect set of eyebrows and wondered how they achieved that natural look.

Before and After results of microblading and microshading my eyebrows

As a busy woman who does not have time to be drawing in and filling eyebrows everyday because between being a stepmum, mum, wife, business woman and Image Consultant, I thought it wise to find a permanent solution for my runaway eyebrows.

I conducted extensive research and after considering all factors, I decided on The Source Medispa. I went in with lots of questions and I know you have the same questions too. I did the legwork for you and here is what I learnt from the microblading and microshading process.

What is microblading?

This is a technique where a fine pen with between twelve and fifteen needles is used to deposit pigment on the skin. This fine pen creates hair strokes that look real and since the needles only get to the superficial layers of the skin, the strokes created are semi-permanent.

Microblading achieves the most natural-looking eyebrows and saves on a ton of time when one is getting ready. A touch up may be needed a month after microblading.

What is microshading?

This is a brow technique that achieves a look that is thick and filled in. The process produces a soft and powdered effect that resembles eyebrow powder. In this case, dots instead of strokes are used.

What is ombre shading?

This is a relatively new technique that came after microblading and microshading. Ombre shading gives a soft shaded brow pencil look and once it is healed, it is more natural than a solid colour. It is the newest trend in eyebrows semi-permanent make-up.

After my first microblading/microshading experience, I recently retouched my brows with this new trend and I love the results so far. You can watch my whole experience here from minute 18:00.

Is microblading painful?

I will be honest here guys, my first experience was very painful. The numbing process was almost unbearable and if you watch this video, you can see the pain written all over my face as I was being injected with the anesthesia.

When I went in for ombre shading, however, my experience was very smooth and painless. (There were no injections.)

Post microblading/shading care

After the microblading and microshading process, I was instructed to take extremely good care of my eyebrows. On the first day, I washed my brows every two hours with the soap they provided and then applied an ointment that came with the care package. I went back after eight weeks and a year down the line, I love my microbladed eyebrows. They save me a ton of time especially when getting ready for a busy day. They also validate the phrase “I woke up like this” because I wake up with a perfect set of eyebrows every day. Blissful and effortless.

What is the best eye brow technique?

Different people have different preferences and, in my opinion, microblading would be a great fit for an individual with overly plucked eyebrows. The strokes will give the brows a fuller look. As for those with sensitive skin, shading techniques like microshading and ombre shading would work best. Microblading may also be too harsh for some skin types while shading is suitable for all skin types.

Who is a good candidate for microblading, microshading and ombre shading?

Anyone without serious health and skin condition is a good fit for the semi-permanent eye makeup techniques. The Source Medispa also takes precaution and does not perform the procedure on pregnant and nursing women, just to be safe.

For how long does ombre shading last?

The shaded eyebrows last anywhere between one and three years and the length is dependent on such factors as skin type, one’s lifestyle, an individual’s health condition and exposure to extreme weather conditions.

I have no regrets about my microshading and blading experiences and I am glad doing my makeup doesn’t take me long. Not forgetting how the brows frame my face 🙂

Have you tried any brow trends? If so, what was your exprience? Share with me below.

Until the next one,

Love and Light

C. K.

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