5 Health Practices Women Must do Immediately After Sex

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after sex health practices
Must do health practices after sex for women

Your husband or boyfriend naturally wants to cuddle after sex. But do you know that not following some standard practices when it comes to moments after sex can have detrimental effects on your health as a woman?

Cuddling after sex can wait. Yes. It can wait. Not unless you are willing to see your gynecologist due to complications down there.

Unlike men, women cannot afford the luxury of falling asleep right after a hot session of sex.

It is for this reason that gynecologists recommend that you make these health practices a norm after sex.

Pee After Sex

Peeing after sex should be the number one thing you do immediately after sex.

Emptying your bladder is important because it helps you flush out any bacteria that may have traveled up your urethra.

After peeing, remember to always wipe from front to back to stop the spread of bacteria.

If you can’t bring yourself to pee, always take a glass of water. It will help to bring about the sensation of peeing.

Wash Up

Washing up does not necessarily mean going into the shower right after sex.

Use warm water and a soft cloth to wash your vagina

Cleaning your vagina with some warm water and a soft cloth goes a long way in keeping away infections such as UTIs.

Avoid using soaps, but if you must, use very mild soaps.

Wear loose-fitting clothes Afterwards

If you must wear clothes after sex, always choose very loose-fitting clothes.

after sex health practices
Wear clothes that let your genitals breath

After sex and even after showering, the areas around your genitals are usually still hot and sweaty.

These are perfect environments for bacteria and yeast to thrive. Therefore, wearing underwear and clothes that allow your genitals to breathe is a good after-sex health practice.

Do not Douche

Most women after sex usually rush into the bathroom to douche. However, douching, even with plain water, is not recommended after sex. This is because douching can lead to more infections. After all, it disrupts the natural balance of bacteria that protect your vagina. 

Douches interfere with the normal balance of your vagina

Also, keep in mind that a mild smell after sex is very normal and may not be a sign of a problem.

Get tested

If you are in a fairly new relationship, it is always good to get tested after sex even if you used protection.

It’s always a good idea to test for STDs on a regular basis

It’s always a good health practice to get an STD (sexually-transmitted disease) test just to be sure that you are safe, scary as it might be.


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