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Office wear does not have to be boring. It is important to look the part in the office as you will be addressed according to how you are dressed. If you are looking for ways on how to look beautiful all the time in the office then you are in the right place. Below are 8 tips to amp up your office look and stand out as a winner in the workplace.

Official outfit dressed down
  1. Dress for the position you want and not the one you have.

Are you an intern and would one day want to climb the corporate ladder? I have been there too. It is time to stop thinking and dressing like an intern and work towards looking like or even better than the person holding the position you are eyeing. This does not mean living beyond your means. Not at all. It means using what is in your wardrobe to achieve that coveted office look. You can continue shopping at Toi Market or Gikomba but the pieces that you will be getting will be a lot more coordinated and elevated.

  1. Lock that first impression in

It takes only three seconds for a first impression to be formed. Make sure it is a positive impression. When you are confident of the outfit you have chosen and that you have accessorized it well, it is time to add that curve on – the smile. Ensure that you are well poised, carry yourself with confidence and make it known that you are there for business.

  1. Stick to classic colours

In as much as I am a lover of pomp and colour, I still advocate for solid dark colours. It is relatively hard to go wrong with a black or navy-blue suit as compared to a mustard one.

Woman in striped coat

I recommend that one invests in a high quality solid colour power jacket that compliments your palette. This will come in handy for that minimalist look. Such jackets can be paired with something with a splash of colour such as a scarf, blouse or print shirt or tie for the men – simple and stylish.

Solid colour coats for men
  1. Good shoes

A question was recently posed in an online platform to the ladies; “What is the first thing you look at in a man when he approaches you?” Almost all of the responses were shoes. The belt came at distant second and then finally his face.

It is said that a man with good shoes takes good care of himself so get yourself a good pair of shoes. It can be a little bit costly but a high-quality pair of shoes will serve you longer. Cheap is still expensive either way.

The same goes for the ladies. A good shoe elevates a look. You could be adorned in the best Mango outfit but without a good pair of shoes, the look will be a flop.

Red heels for that power look
  1. Get professionally groomed

After you have figured out the clothes and shoes to wear, your hair should match with the same too. Have the right hair color especially when it comes to braids, wigs and weaves. An overgrown beard is not flattering and you should have that shaved or well-trimmed.

Ladies that have gone natural can check out natural hair care products and ensure that their mane is kempt. Lovers of wigs  or get there wigs from Human Hair Center while the men can get that perfect trim from Stylist Collins.

  1. Drop the bling    

The rule of thumb in business is to keep things minimalistic. Do not be a victim of wearing too much jewelry. A simple pair of earrings, a watch and a ring or two are enough accessories for a woman. A man is good to go with a watch and a ring. Women should avoid statement neck pieces that are too low and attract attention to their cleavages.

  1. Let your personality come through

When going for an interview or business meeting, do not be afraid of letting your personality shine through your outfit. Are you a bubbly person? Let that show. Are you outgoing? Do not hide it. Something as simple as a belt or bracelet are enough to show who you are and help you look the part in the office.

As for me, a scarf does the magic.

The scarf that does the trick

Let that single fashion embellishment speak for you and in as much as they might forget your name, they will remember the individual with the awesome watch or unique scarf.

  1. Stand out in the crowd

Do not be a “Kenya Uniform” kind of person. Do not be predictable. Be different because dressing for success calls for dressing a notch higher. Remember when you look good, you feel good and you open up a myriad of opportunities for yourself. Look the part today by implementing these personal appearance tips for the modern workplace.

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