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I feel like the quarantine period will turn most of us into obsessive clean freaks with all the cleaning and disinfecting we have to do.

And with a big family like mine, I have to keep everyone on their toes to practice proper hygiene in order to keep the virus at bay… even my little one is not exempted.

In light of cleaning and disinfecting, here are 15 things I am regularly sanitizing.

1. Mobile Phones

Top on my list is mobile phones. They are prone to germs the most. We share our phones, use them while we are cooking and eating and the last thing we want is to transfer those germs to our faces… So any moment you get, pull out a disinfecting wipe and clean your phone.

2. Computers, Laptops, TV Screens & Remotes

Now that most of us are working from home, laptops, tv’s and remotes are where all our hands are touching. It is so important to ensure that every morning we sanitize these devices and do the same at the end of the day to keep them free of germs.

3. Commonly Touched Fixtures such as door knobs, flush & light switches

Being confined in the house means that we are constantly moving from one room to another, opening doors, switching lights on and off, flushing toilets, opening taps etc.

To ensure that germs are not transferred all over the house, you can use disinfecting wipes, or use a liquid solution with antiseptic and wipe these areas twice a day. It will go a long way in keeping the home clean.

4. Commonly Used Surfaces such as kitchen counters, coffee and dining tables

It’s easy for us to neglect our surfaces and procrastinate cleaning them because after all, ‘we are in the house all day and can always clean later’. But bearing in mind how long the virus and germs can linger on surfaces, it is crucial that we clean as we go. Once we use a particular surface, we should immediately clean it.

Surfaces such as kitchen counters, coffee tables and dining tables are the most commonly touched surfaces and I am making sure that they are clean and sanitized at all times.

5. Handbags, Wallets, Keys and Steering Wheel

Every time we are out, we will be constantly reaching for our bags and wallets which can harbor so many germs. Always carry a sanitizer in your bags and disinfect as much as you can to avoid transferring germs to your steering wheel and your home.

For cleaning agents, I am currently using JIK, a Liquid Solution and Antiseptic to disinfect surfaces, fixtures and devices. I have also placed hand sanitizers in literally every corner of the house for everyone to sanitize frequently.

Which other areas are you regularly disinfecting in your home during this time?

Leave me a comment below and remember to sanitize and stay safe.

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