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Hi guys. How is everyone doing? I’m doing okay myself, on some self quarantine after coming back from a short trip. I am just taking this time to reflect, pray, read and journal. Also enjoying the little things we take for granted such as the warmth of family, home made food and life. The breath of life. Super grateful for that. Please leave me a comment letting me know how you are fairing during this time.

I figure most of us are at home which means that our suits and ‘nicer’ outfits are hanging pretty in our closets waiting for all this to be over. In the meantime, I’m curious to know what we are all wearing in the house.

I collected a few lounge wear inspiration to keep us inspired to still look stylish and not spend all our days in pajamas. We can still make an effort 🙂

Lounge wear

Nothing beats two piece sets. Whether cotton, athleisure or linen, these outfits are stylish, comfortable and neat for lounge wear…

Denim. I have always loved the versatility of denim. Going from a very polished and sophisticated look to also being ideal for a casual indoor look. I definitely will be reaching for denim and basic tees during this period.

And there you have it ladies, a few ways you can look put together in your homes during this season.

Wishing you guys a safe and lovely time as you quarantine. Stay prayed up.

With love,


One Comment

  • Judy says:

    Hi Cathy,
    I trust you’re keeping safe (you and your family). Well, quarantine has its merits and demerits. First of all I really thank God cause I now have time to bound with my family and the love of my life, it has also taught me patience haha. Well, my hubby and I don’t have a job at the moment and we’re actively looking for ways to earning passive income. We actually had to relocate to a cheaper house to save few bucks. I can’t complain cause it a Global pandemic affecting everyone.

    I love your taste of fashion and to all women and men out there, this is not a season to be on each other’s neck, spice up your marriage and don’t make it unbearable for your significant other.

    Thanks for sharing this great content with us.

    Much love ❣️

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