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Extroverts and daring fashionistas will love rocking this season’s red trend from head to toe. Although it may be a bold look, going red all over is completely on-trend and incredibly stylish. So, if there was ever a time to rock a pair of red pants with a red blazer, red dress, red top, and red shoes, it is now. While there are numerous ways that you can wear the look, consider opting for a color blocked look like my outfit today or a bottom and jacket in matching shades. Then, mix things up with a top that’s either lighter, darker or patterned.

This particular red dress was gifted to me by Did and Joy which is a Kenyan store that ships clothes from the US and UK. The texture is a bit ruffled which I loved as it makes the dress slightly warm, and the detail that stood out to me was the V-neck back! I think it’s sexy and very feminine.

I decided to color block, to make it a fun weekend look by adding yellow heels and yellow earrings. Together, I think the whole turned out great. What do you guys think? Feel free to leave me a comment below.

Till the next one,

Love and Light.

Dress: Did and Joy

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