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More than anything, your body type is of great consideration when deciding on any boot for your leg. In fact, what you have on your legs determines and says something about you anywhere; any day. Not only must it speak well of you; it must be consistent with the occasion. And this cold season, while you might have been considering choosing boots to wear, you have to be careful to choose the ones that not make you look stylish, but also those befit your body style and shape. It is not every boot type that flatters all body types.

Those endowed with wider legs often do not face challenges picking boots that adorns their fashion statement but for girls with skinny legs like me, it not as easy as it seems. That may seem hard to do but do not worry, you are going to find this article very useful especially for those looking boots for skinny legs.

When it comes to boot, do not make the mistake of buying just anything that attracts you. Do not let fear of not finding your size or type push you into buying just anyone. Follow the guide below and you will not regret:

If what you desire in boots is to look snugger and less baggy, go for the lace-up or button styled boot that allows you to adjust them. Meanwhile, do not make the mistake of going for boots with a too high heel. They only further complicate your body shape by making your legs appear to look longer and thinner. You should rather embrace boots that are averagely high or kitten heel.

For those who are scared of going through the hurdles of picking the one that fits best, you might consider befriending a tailor. With that, you might have them to tailor your boots to look narrow.


Lately, these boots have become popular because it looks great with almost every body type. Also, it could be worn with any skirt or dresses. However, if you are not careful, you are likely to suffer from the leg cut at the ankles. For those with skinny calves and a bit short, you should rather go for ankle length boots with a good amount of heel to create the impression of longer legs. That could easily be worn with a pair of jeans or leggings. In case, you prefer to appear like you are endowed with longer and slimmer-like feet and legs, try out ankle length boots with pointed-toe shoes.


If you have thin tall legs, this boot is made just for you. Not only does it confer you with a sexy appearance, it gives you an edgier look. In addition to it, it boots your confidence because it endows that tall and thin body of yours with grace. You will understand when you try it out. However, anyone who is short should never try this out. It only makes such person appear shorter. Also, if your leg shape appears short and curvy, do not go for it. It only ridicules the size of your legs.


This type of boot is for rectangular body types. Not only does a wide boot type give the leg some breathing comfort; it also makes it look curvy. While sleek calf length boots will help anyone with curve calf, it gives those who are short some measure of tallness. Calf length boots with heels are not bad for those who are not so tall. Meanwhile, if you are tall and curvier; all lengths fit you. Anything above the knee should, however, be avoided. It only makes you appear shorter.

And do not forget to choose just the right one with the right heel length for you. Wedge heels are good for the slim body type; go for chunky heels when you have curvy shapes. Kitten heels fit smaller feet while stiletto fits those with slim legs and calves.


I have skinny legs myself and I avoid ankle boots but decided to risk it on this one. I hope you found the tips useful and I know you have identified which boots work well for your body type. Let me know if you try any of these tips when buying your boots and how it turns out.

Till the next one,

Love and light.

Outfit Details:

Top: Topshop

Skirt: Asos

Boots: Aldo

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    Babe you look cute in this outfit and your body looks amazing. I love the colour and the pattern of that skirt and your pretty booty looks so good in it too. 😉 Xxxxx

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