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While red is a common colour in fashion, not all shades of red work for all women. Your skin tone plays a big role in determining which shade to wear in the red spectrum.

Is your skin tone warm or cold?

Warm Red

If you  have a warm skin tone you need to wear a warm red and you can identify this as a red with a yellow undertone. It’s the colour we like to call orangy red.

Cool Red

If you have a cool skin tone you need to wear a cool red and you can identify this as a red with a blue undertone. Usually a dark red.

How to Shop for the perfect Red.

A very simple rule to bear in mind when you are shopping is whether the shade is warm or cool.  If you try both options,  cool red and then warm red, you will see the difference very clearly.  Try one shade and look at the effect it has on your skin.  Does it bring it alive, make your eyes sparkle and your skin glow?  Does it even out your skin tone?  Or does the colour make you look washed out, tired, dull and generally unwell?

Next, give your body a litle time to absorb the colour, your skin will give you the answer and you will know which red is best for you.

What Colours To Wear with Warm Reds and Cool Reds

Warm Red- Bronze, Olive, Tan, Cream, Camel, Chocolate

Cool Red- Ivory, Biscuit, Navy, Black, Charcoal, Silver Grey


…For this look I went for a Warm Red dress and complemented the red with Navy Blue Heels and Muted green earrings with gold details.

I’d love to hear from you, which skin tone are you?

Dress: Zara Shop Here 

Shoes: Aldo Shoes Shop Here

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