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One of the most difficult style to define is the business-casual dress cod, and that might have something to do with the fact that it’s a complete oxymoron —because, how can one be “business” and “casual,” at the same time? Also, it depends on where you work or where you’re going. For some, the look may veer more towards the extra-professional. For others, a more laid-back, less dressed up aesthetic is the norm. Either way, you’ve likely found yourself in front of your closet at one point or another with a giant question mark hovering over your head.
To navigate the business casual world, I have decided that my definition includes looking polished, while still leaving a little wiggle room for fun via subtle prints, pops of colour, and unexpected cuts. As long as your outfit adheres to your office dress code, there’s no reason to not get creative.
Had a lot of fun putting this business casual outfit together and I would easily wear it to the office from Wednesday onwards.
Wishing you all a great week full of blessings.
Outfit Details:
Top: River Island shop here
Shoes: Topshop


  • EJ says:

    You look really good in those pants. 😉 😉 I loved your valentines day video btw. You looked breathtaking in all five of those outfits, especially the first one. 😉 I liked the way you did the video too, you really showed how those outfits looked in real life and id love to see you do more videos like that.

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