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The Essential Toiletries Kit for Travel

By February 18, 2019January 1st, 20212 Comments

It’s a  great day here in Johannesburg and the sun is shinning in all its glory. Unlike many travellers, I don’t travel light. I like to have all my products and essentials with me incase I need them. I packed all my essentials for this trip but I was so disappointed to find out that I forgot to carry my eyebrow pencil. Aargh. longest morning ever.

Will be going to the mall later to get one….

I am putting up in an airbnb which has all the toiletry essentials one needs, but here are some of the products I couldn’t leave Nairobi without.


1. Yves Rocher Toner and Moisturiser.

My skin tends to get really dry when I travel and a good hydrating moisturiser is a must have if you have dry skin like me.

After a full day of makeup, I always cleanse and tone to remove all the dirt, and I love this particular toner from their line.

2. The Body Shop Almond Milk and Honey Shower Cream

I love the compact size of this shower cream and it smells really nice. As you can see from the bottle, it’s great for dry skin skin and does not strip your skin off the moisture. It’s also very mild.

3. Soap

The airbnb I am staying at has a couple of soaps which I love so far. (not sure of the brand)

4. The Body Shop Body Butter

I love the consistency of this butter and the smell is divine!

5. Simple Moisturising Facial Wash

The last thing you want when travelling is to have clogged pores after removing makeup because you did not deep clean. I have been using the simple facial wash for a long time now and it does a good job in leaving your skin feeling clean.

6. Nivea Double Effect deo

Nivea deo’s are an all time favourite and the size is also great for travelling.

7. Vagisil Daily Intimate Wash 

Did you know that your period, menopause, sex, and even soap can disrupt the pH of your vaginal area? It’s true. When your vaginal area pH balance is thrown off it can mean irritation and discomfort.

Vagisil PH Balance Wash has LactoPrebiotic, which helps nourish the friendly bacteria that naturally occurs in the vagina. It’s formulated at the proper pH for the vaginal area, so you can use it every day to help maintain a healthy pH, and feel fresh and clean.

8. Tooth paste/ mouth wash

Indulging in different foods can be a great experience but if you have sensitive teeth, it’s important to carry a good mouth wash/tooth paste to keep your teeth protected in case you sample food that reacts with your teeth.

10. Towel (face/body/feet)

When travelling to an unknown place, it’s always good to carry your own towels just incase you don’t feel comfortable using the ones being provided at your place of stay. Luckily my airbnb is thoroughly clean and the host provided very clean towels despite me carrying my own.



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