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You guys know that I’m not a big fan of skirts, but when the bug hits I don’t hesitate to wear one. I recently picked up this thigh high leather skirt which stood out because of the leather fabric and the midi length.

When it comes to thigh high slit skirts, here are 3 things I always consider when styling them.

  1. The top

The high slit already shows a good amount of skin, so I always ensure that the top I pick is somewhat modest especially for a semi-formal setting. I avoid deep plunging necklines. To compensate for the ‘modest’ top, I went for a bold colour which adds drama to the outfit and makes it bold and fun.

2. The shoe

The beauty of thigh high slit skirts is that they elongate your legs and a streamlined high shoe will make your legs look even more elongated. Can’t forget to mention that this streamlined look makes you appear slimmer and taller.

3. Define your waist

A well fitting top is perfect for this kind of skirt as it defines your waist and I would also add a belt for that extra definition.

I’d love to hear from you, where would you wear a thigh high slit skirt? Would you wear it to a semi-formal meeting for instance? Let’s chat in the comments.

Till the next one,

Love and light.


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