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Happy holidays! It’s only the 22nd of December and my Christmas safaris have already begun. From taking the kids on road trips, to visiting family and in-laws, I am already enjoying being a local tourist.

Inspired by travelling, here’s an outfit you can easily wear for those trips upcountry or holiday destinations.

Nothing says holiday mode like a maxi dress. I love this particular one because of the fun cheetah print, and throwing on a hat makes it all the more casual but chic. Comfort is key when travelling and a good pair of sandals will be just what your feet need to relax.

I am glad the sun is out this holiday, perfect for sleeveless dresses and cute sandals. What’s your go-to travel outfit? Leave me a comment below.

Till the next one,

Love and light.

Dress: Forever New SA

Hat: Foschini

Sandals: Foshcini SA

Makeup: Nzilani Kimani

Photography: Sungit Diaries


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