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  I recently bought a painting of a teenage Maasai girl. Short hair, stretched ears will big plugs and a smile that exuded confidence and utmost beauty.

In a world of norms, and a deprivation of culture, I was awed by the beauty of this Maasai girl. They say a picture is worth a thousand words and I could read a “take me or leave me as I am” attitude from this girl.

Inspired by her boldness, for today’s look I went for a pixie cut, which accentuates my cheekbones. Cheekbones I was insecure about when I was younger, all the way into my young adult life.

I also chose an African print to pair with a button-down skirt with side slits. I have never been a huge fan of African prints such as the Ankara, but I loved how the overall look turned out.

A perfect outfit for events such as blankets and wine, watching plays or musicals, and any festival.

Let me know what outfits you wear to festivals. It’s always nice hearing from you.

Till the next one,

Love and light.


Hair: Lily hairline

Ankara Top: Wanga Mathenge

Skirt: TOPSHOP Shop here

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