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If you are an avid follower of mine, you will have noticed that most of my hair is straight and when I have to wear curls; I go for big ones once in a while.

And I know that most of you think I am a very girly girl but I have never been girly, maybe that’s why I don’t like hugging people. Or being mushy. It’s just not my thing. Largely, I think it’s because of how I was raised.

I was actually a tomboy when I was growing up. I never used to wear make up or anything colorful, let alone lace. But people change and over time I have come to love and experiment with fashion.

The last time I stopped over at Lily Hair Line’s, I tried on this curly hair and really liked it. Despite it being very girly, I fell in love with it and how it defines my features and gives off a fun flirty vibe.

I’m a dresses girl, and lace is the perfect substitute for bare skin. It’s delicate and elegant with the promise of innocence. The hot pink color of the dress is bold and beautiful, perfect for a special occasion or event.

The combination of the lace dress and curly wig put me right into the vibe for a fun night out.

What do you think about this look? Where would you rock it? I’d love to hear from you. Also, are you a girly girl or nah? Share with me in the comments.

Till the next one,

Love and light.

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