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Today is my birthday and I thank God for yet another chance to celebrate the gift of life. Am not big on birthdays just the same way am not big on wearing skirts.

So here goes a special post where I get to where a skirt and show my legs, which as you all know am very insecure about.

I loved the design on the skirt and the length was short enough to arouse interest and long enough to cover the essentials.

I paired it with a white blouse and red heels to give a pop of color. This outfit can be the perfect look for a business meeting or cocktails after work.

Hope you enjoy the look.

Until next time, Love and light.


What I’m Wearing: 

Top: Dichotomy (Junction) SHOP HERE

Skirt: Khosi Nkosi (SA) Nelson Mandela Mall SHOP HERE 

Bag: Michael Kors SHOP HERE 

Shoes: Aldo SHOP HERE


  • Romaine says:

    Do you have any ideas for writing articles? That’s where I always
    struggle as well as I simply end up staring empty screen for
    long period of time.

    • Mercy Jerono says:

      Hi, writer’s block is real. To deal with this, I have ideas of what I would like to write on pre-planned. I then research on them and get a starting point. From the, it is a free fall. I hope this helps.

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