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By March 22, 2018January 2nd, 202118 Comments

What I’m Wearing:

Red Dress: Asos

Shoes: Woolworths Yaya Centre

Hair: Phoinahaircollection

Photography: Buo Art

MUA: Nzilani Kimani

You can never go wrong with a deep V-neck dress on a night out! I am obsessed with this dress because of its red color, design, fabric, length and feel on the skin.

A deep V dress is perfect for parties or a romantic meal for two with your better half. It sure is a showstopper and will have you turning heads in no time. Love the way it highlights my femininity and paired with my black heels, the overall look is classy and sexy!

Am not a fan of dresses or skirts because I don’t like my legs . But the older I get am learning to embrace myself and am now more adventurous with dresses. I am still not able to wear any dress or skirt that’s above my knees. Like they say, a step at a time. Hope you enjoy the dress. Feel free share with me the parts of your body that you are insecure about.

Until next time, Love and Light.



  • Val says:

    You look stunning- as usual! You have such beautiful legs. We all have insecurities that only we understand. I also don’t like my legs but what I tell myself is that these are the only legs I’ve got so I’d better flaunt them

  • Angel says:

    I see Nothing wrong with your legs…slaying gal!!looking very nice for sure.

  • Christine murage says:

    You are so inspiring. Thanks for sharing about your insecurities. Am insecure about my thighs coz I have stretch marks but I have learnt to slowly accept my body as it is. I hope one day I can have the confidence you have.

  • Lenah says:

    Lady, you are so beautiful.
    It is normal for us all to have insecurities but we shouldn’t let them stop us from wearing what we’d love to. I am a positive body image preacher and a personal trainer who helps women manage their weights. Body insecurities is common among us women (myself included) but I always encourage my clients and followers to rely on what they love more and not what they dislike in their bodies. Because I believe it is every single part in us that makes us who we are.

    • Fashionable Stepmum says:

      Hey Lenah, thanks for the encouragement and I’m glad to hear what you are doing. So many women are insecure about how they look, keep advocating for self love 🙂

  • annet says:

    You look beautiful in a dress.

  • Grace says:

    Always on point 👌 Talk about your legs we always make fun of our kikuyu legs with my friends so you are not alone.
    About the part of my body am insecure with at the moment it’s my stomach as I just gave birth 3 month’s ago and I haven’t gone back to my normal shape yet… I know it’s a long way to go but I will get there. So can’t wear fitting dresses until further notice. 😎

    • Fashionable Stepmum says:

      Hey girl! Haha Kikuyu legs indeed. The weight will go, take your time and focus on raising your little one. Shedding will happen, some exercise and a few healthy and light meals will do the magic! Wish you well

  • EJ says:

    Classy and sexy for sure!! You look incredible. I cant believe you are insecure about any part of you body when you look THIS GOOD!! 😉 Seriously your legs are beautiful and those heels are hot too, you have nothing to worry about. I love the colour and the cut of the dress. I see you checking yourself out in the mirror-you know you look good!! lol x x x

    • Fashionable Stepmum says:

      Haha thanks! I think we all have insecurities, but I’m slowly coming to accept my flaws 🙂 Thanks for the encouragement and keep stopping by!

  • Christine says:

    Girl! how can you not love your legs?! They are just perfect! And i love the detail at the waist; as in this whole outfit is on fiiiiiiiiiiiiire!!

  • Emma says:

    This girl is on fiiiirree…..

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