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What I Am Wearing:

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I had the pleasure of attending a beautiful Israeli wine and food tasting thanks to the folks at Dusit! This is the first Israeli culinary installation in Kenya happening this weekend at Dusitd2.

I am a wine girl, and I knew that I was going to have a good time despite the fact that I am very shy around people.

The intimate set up of not more than 50 people made the whole event very warm and the people there were easy to talk to.

We sampled a wide array of Israeli delicacies, paired with the best wine from the Holy land.

It was interesting to learn about Israeli culture, especially the fact that wine is considered very Holy in Israel.

The full course menu consisting Shawarma, Hummus, Falafel among others was quite a treat!

Special thanks to Dusitd2 for making this possible.

It was exceptional!

Till the next one, Love and Light.


The Food…



  • Muthoni says:

    Such a fabulous girl! I love it!

  • Mbele Kariuki says:

    Love the outfit. Initially thought it was a dress until I read this post.

  • Wangari Kabui says:

    Hi Njeri,met you online over the weekend,i was on you tube and some how I got to listen to your interview with your hubby.
    I come from a polygamous family. I lost my identity when I was very young,even before teenager. I worked in good advertising agencies,just found my way up considering my grades in high school were low. It’s 7yrs ago when I started the journey of discovery the real me. Last year is when I got in to deep emotional detox. I have always been a go getter and liking nice things,elegant elemebts,going to malls, I lived in Westlands for 10yrs on my own.then my family said I was over ambitious,so it created a lot of self doubt.eventually I have come to accept that that was just me.and I’ve been working my way up.gone through a lot emotional abuse by my parent. the more detox I’ve been doing the more I get to know the truth.what I can accept and what treatment is unacceptable. Just listening to you and observing your photos-i see a lot of me.i have a brilliant therapist,more mentors coming in to the team.id request you to be my mentor. I sent you a message on fb, following up.

    Looking forward

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