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The top speaks for itself. The ruffle and off shoulder details gives the overall bold chic look.

The red pants make the white pop although if I dared just add a few kilos it won’t fit anymore. One of those unforgiving materials, which helps me stay in check.

I felt like could conquer the world in this outfit and it showed off just the right areas.

Am not in to black straight hair but I gave this wig a shot and it didn’t turn out so badly even with my 5 head. Girls with big foreheads am sure will understand the fear of having a middle parting.

Let me know what you think about this whole look. Where would you wear it to?

Outfit Details

Pants: Zara


Shoes: Woolworths ( Yaya Centre)

Photography: Buoart

Makeup: Nzilani Kimani

Hair : Phoina

Until next time.

Love and Light,



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