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Hi everyone and happy new year. Hope you had a good start.

My goal this year is to give practical answers to some of your questions.

One of the most asked questions is how does one get to bond with their step-kids especially during their teenage years when they practically seem to have a life of their own.

My step kids are mostly teenagers, above 15 years of age, who are slowly but surely on their way to campus, two abroad and the ones left behind are in high school

swamped by school work and their so important social life.

You can imagine what a struggle it is to try and get quality time together for bonding . The holidays usually present an invaluable opportunity to catch up with them,

learn what has been happening in their lives and share in their challenges as young adults .

I have had to come up with unqiue ideas for bonding beyond the usual lunch /dinner dates. I do my best to try and find fun group activities that will help us

to bond and relax, at the same time giving us a break from our busy schedules.

The key is to identify activities that make bonding seamless and build the relationship without the unecessary awkwardness. As I always say, it’s not a guarantee

that just because my relationship with their father is good, that my relationship with them will automatically follow.

The hard fact is that building the bond will not happen overnight and will require patience and continuous effort from both parties. It has taken me 10 years and

I am still working on it. We have our ups and downs but I can confidently say that with time, we are slowly finding our balance.

I can proudly say that I have been able to create a beautiful and close relationship with my step kids, more particularly with the girls .

At the end this holiday, I decided to take them for a 3 hour spa date at dusitD2, something I often do myself to relax. And I thought to myself, “Why not go with them as they

also love the finer things in life like mummy” 😀

After the treatment, we had some cocktails ( non-alcoholic for the under 18), got to catch up on the new year plans that they have and just appreciate how far we have come.

The girls loved the experience and I showed them an example of how a woman should take care of herself. It’s okay to put yourself first once in a while, so that you can have energy to be there for others.

 It is moments such as this that make it all so worth it for me and as much as my daughters did not grow in my tummy, they did in my heart.

For anyone who would like to spoil themselves, give the deverana spa at DusitD2 a try.

Feel free to share ideas with me on how you bond with your teenage kids. The dreaded summer holiday is a few months away !!! I need enough ideas to keep them busy.

 Disclaimer: not a sponsored post .

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