1. Spend Quality Time With Your Step Children.

As the newcomer to this already established family, you need to spend time with the children. Get to know them on a  personal level, so as to build trust and  meaningful relationship. This time should be between you and the children doing things that you both enjoy in a relaxed environment.

So, find common interests you might have such as a love for fashion and plan for a shopping trip or have a work out together.

Sharing a hobby or an activity goes a long way in improving the relationship between you and your stepchildren.

 I know it’s hard in the beginning but the more you do it the easier it gets. Remember to be patient and don’t force anything.

2. Establish house rules.

It is important for you and your partner to establish house rules, in order to uphold mutual respect and discipline.

Let the children know what is expected of them, the  reasoning behind the rules and the consequences . It should be clear that mummy and daddy are a unit and no manipulation will be tolerated.

When the children are old enough, it is advisable to involve them in formulating the  house rules.  This way, they participate in running the house and they develop a sense of responsibility.

3. Model good behavior.

The responsibility of running a household lies entirely on you and your partner. Therefore, ensure that you carry yourself with grace and show kindness, warmth  and love towards your stepchildren.

Laying a good foundation for the children allows the house to run smoothly and creates a healthy environment for them to grow and live in. Like they say walk the talk.

4. Take charge of your own happiness.

Happiness is an inside job, and it is of great importance that you take care of your emotional needs first, before anything else. When you are centered within, it will affect your family positively.

When your stepchildren see that your marriage is thriving and you are happy they can then be able to see that relationships can indeed work.

5. Have a weekly date night with your husband.

To be content as a stepmother and survive the stresses of stepfamily life, your relationship with your partner must be the most important priority in your life and his (right after your own well-being, which should always come first).

Spending quality time together  strengthens your relationship and makes it easier to get over the challenges that may come your way.

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