At the heart of Lavington Green Mall is one of the most Picturesque restaurants I have been to! With a sitting of not more than 30 people, the very warm and stylish Stack & Squeeze restaurant offers privacy and intimacy.

 Regulars of the fancy Stack & Squeeze love it for it’s healthy dynamic menu which offers vegan meals including juices, smoothies, green salads and wraps, with an occasional Du Jour menu that has a special dish for the day.

For meat lovers, Stack ‘n’ Squeeze also serves mouth-watering sandwiches and burgers, alongside a side of fries.

On this day, I was in the company of my family and we ordered a variety of meals from their menu.

I am mostly vegan so I opted for a green smoothie which was served cold for the hot day that was.

 One of us was having a stomach upset and had a blueberry, granola, yoghurt, almonds and nuts smoothie which was such a sight to behold!. This is great for breakfast as it is very filling and nutritious!

For the main meal, I had a salad comprising of Bacon slices, chicken, avocado, corn,  lettuce and a drizzle of mustard dressing.

Below is a green wrap that one of us had, served with lettuce, avocado and tomato slices. This wrap consists of pulled pork which is high in protein if you want to build those muscles. A perfect meal after a workout.  The wrap had no fries to accompany it, just a salad to go with it.

My young one who has not yet jumped on the ‘go green’ bandwagon, had a meaty guy sandwich with a side of fries. You can choose o have salad instead of fries.

Overall, I loved everything about Stack & Squeeze, from their ambience to their meals. Plus their friendly customer service. They also do deliveries, so go ahead and try them out. Let me know what you think.

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