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Wicked Stepmother

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In the spirit of Halloween, I went out looking for a wicked stepmother costume, just for laughs. This made me reflect on my journey as a stepmother. It made me think of the wicked stepmother stereotype I had to and still sometimes have to deal with.Why is this stereotype still alive even in an age where blended families are increasingly common in our society?

Let’s take fairy tales for instance. It is always the stepmother that is up to no good. Hansel and Gretel’s stepmother was horrible. Her idea of nurturing was to lure her step children into the woods and abandon them. Snow White’s stepmother had a narcissistic personality gone wild and did everything she could to get rid of her step daughter. How about poor Cinderella’s stepmother? She thought her stepdaughter was a live-in maid. She was the personification of a child abuser.

Perhaps this is where it all started. It became more acceptable to believe that a stepmother could not love her stepchildren, but a mother could and should. Since then, evil stepmothers have become their own genre…something entire stories are written about. Although there may be many “evil” stepmothers out there…

I think it’s time we all undergo a serious cultural shift that creates a new generation of step moms; ones that are less inspired by evil step mother myths and more inspired by the dedicated, loving women who are willing to sacrifice their own fantasy of a story book romance for one that is quite different than anything they would have ever imagined.

It has taken me many years to be able e to hold my head upand take pride in the unique role that I play in my family. This is what inspires me every day to share with you the joys and challenges of my own blended family and help rewrite the story. She might not have been so wicked after all!!! Please share some of your wicked step mother stories with me!

I can’t wait to hear from all of you.


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