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How I Became A Stepmum

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23 is a good number, a great age and a memorable time especially for me who met my current husband then. Girls are usually coming into their own at that stage and little did I know that I was going to start the rest of my life at that time. I’d just finished college, and couldn’t be more excited to meet life head on like I had always anticipated.

One of those evenings, in those early years, we had a girl’s night out, as girls do when they no longer have midterms and exams to worry about, we were chilling and enjoying drinks at a popular nightclub and a group of male friends joined our table. We had on our #PrettyGirlSwag and we were flirting, taking shots and having the time of our lives when one of the guys at the table approached me and asked me for my number. I was a little bit hesitant, as I didn’t know him that well and let’s be real… A girl isn’t going to dish her digits at the first opportunity (or so I thought!) Sema hard to get!

Anyways as the night went by, I must have ingiad box because I remember he gave me his fancy card with a fancy title and I gave him my number with my kabambe phone in plain sight – there must have been a proper running joke on the table that night about that phone and I’m glad I left it in the past LOL! Knowing how busy life was with job applications and celebrating victory of graduating from college, I totally forgot about the guy and after a month or so, he sent me a text message asking me out to a drink saying he had tried reaching me in the previous weeks to no avail. I still blame Safcom ☺

I did pull myself together and put on my best heels for that date, and I’m glad I did, because away from the group, this guy was amazing. I’ve never been on a date that ran into the wee hours of the night – I only did such with my girls – he had me so entertained that I forgot that whole script that I had carried with me to try and sass him out. I was schooled on falling in love that night because I agreed to another date and another date…and another date.

The get-to-know period was like a crash course (I must have a diploma in that area right now) and I fell in love with this guy with every passing day. I found out about his kids (one was a product of a previous relationship and three of were with his ex-wife) and subsequently his divorce – and needless to say, my admiration for him deepened. It takes a brave man to accept past failures and stand up to give love another chance and I said to myself #ChallengeAccepted . Was I too young to get into this relationship? Maybe. I have no regrets though and in hindsight, I commend my decision to give him a chance despite the knowledge that I had no idea (whatsoever) what it took to step into the role of ‘step-mum’. The only thing I know is what it means to be a good mum – everything else is just details and semantics.

This blog chronicles my intimate yet interesting journey with this man that I love and of becoming a ‘step-mum’ as well as the things I’ve learned along the way – don’t be creeping upin here looking for gossip – I come bearing interesting stories and a fun and fashionable side of me that I think most of you would be keen to see! Come, walk with me.


Fashionable Stepmum

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